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This is why you’re so impatient…

By Marcus Santer

My son Ollie has to be one of my favourite distractions.

And he’s on school holiday…

So as you can imagine I’ve been struggling to stay ‘on task’ these last few days.

Anyway, I gained an insight hanging out with him yesterday that I think you’ll find of interest…

Here it is:

We were sat waiting a few seconds for a game to load.

And Ollie started tutting because he felt it was taking too long.

So whilst we waited I told him how ‘back in the day’ when dinosaurs rode scooters and I was his age, I’d have to wait around 10 minutes for a game to load using a tape deck.

And even then you couldn’t guarantee it wouldn’t just crash and you’d have to start all over again.

He didn’t believe me.

But then the game we were playing loaded [Minecraft] and my trip down memory lane was forgotten.

Until later on…

I caught myself getting frustrated and impatient with my phone because it took a milli-second longer to activate than I thought was acceptable.

I mean come on…

I have a hand held electronic device smaller than the size of half a slice of bread, that I can read my email on, get the answer to almost any question [via the Internet], waste hours of life using various Apps, take photographs and even make phone calls on.

And I’m getting impatient because it’s taking a nano-second to get going!

I found myself thinking:

“No wonder we’re all so impatient
and want instant results in everything we do.”

We’re so used to:

And not waiting for anything.

No wonder we want instant results too.

Trouble is, I don’t know about you… But it’s my experience that few worthwhile things in life work that way.

Sure, you can get the information instantly.

But you’re gonna have to spend days, weeks, months even years of application before you get the results.

And I just don’t think the majority of folk today can stomach that.

So they lurch from one new health or exercise fad to the next.

Hoping this one will deliver the instant results it promised in the advert.

And I guess that’s why so few people have the:

And so on they genuinely want.

So be careful.


Wherever you are in your life right now… You didn’t get there overnight.

So there’s a really good chance you’re not going to change your situation overnight either.

In fact, be very suspicious of anyone offering instant results.

Because my experience has shown me it takes patience and commitment to make worthwhile and lasting changes in your life.

And if you’re ready to accept that.

And you’re ready to stack the odds of a longer, healthier and happier life in your favour by applying evidenced based approaches to your:

Then you’ll find everything you need right here.

Bye for now


P.S. In this instant world you and I live in…

Let me leave you with an instant joke:

I once farted in a lift…

It was wrong on so many levels….

Get it?

Okay, I’ll grab my coat.

You on the other hand should check this out.

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