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This is where the magic happens

By Marcus Santer

The Saturday Quote:

“The magic happens outside of your comfort zone.”
Michael Myerscough

Short and sweet today.

Consider this:

If you don’t yet have the things you want for you, your family or your life then there’s a very good chance what you’re looking for is outside of your comfort zone.

Because otherwise you’d have found it by now.

Personally I’ve always felt like a seeker.

And I reached a point where I felt that wasn’t such a good thing. Because if you’re a seeker, you’re always seeking and you can never find peace.

But then I realised that learning and growing: Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually (PEMS) is what makes me happy and content =)

Now I’m proud to be a seeker.

Though I never enjoy pushing my comfort zone.

But as the quote says: That’s where the magic happens.

And if you fancy a stretch I invite you to step out of your comfy circle and accept The 30-Day Challenge in the back of the ZEN+ book.

If you’ve got the PDF, it starts on page 165.

And if you don’t have it…

Get started here.

Bye for now


P.S. I’m going to be stretching my comfort zone a lot this year.

Because it’s time to take ZEN+ out on the road.

So I’m meeting with my coach today to look at how I can deliver ZEN+ most effectively in workshops and weekly courses.

Fortunately teaching Qigong for 12 years gives me a good foundation upon which to build.

But believe me when I say I’ll still be nervous when I start delivering ZEN+

Still that’s where the magic happens =)

Get started with ZEN+ here.

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