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This is what’s really stopping you getting the results you want

By Marcus Santer

The Sunday Quote:

“The information revolution
can’t solve the lose weight problem.”
David Kadavy

There I was in the kitchen wondering how long to boil an egg for.

It wasn’t information I had access to in my brain.

But not worry, I simply grabbed the iPad and in less than a minute I had all the information I needed.

3 minutes later…

Boiled eggs just the way my mum used to make them.

Thanks to the Information Revolution the ‘How to boil and egg?’ problem has been solved.

In fact any problem that can be solved by the acquiring of information is well… Solved.


Not all problems are solved by information.


And so on.

Information alone can’t solve these problems.

Let me explain…

Yes, you can get information on all of the above.

But information alone won’t give you what you want.

Unlike boiling an egg, some problems require more than information, they require you to act in a particular way over an extended period of time.

It’s not information you need, it’s a change in behaviour.

And from a behaviour point of view:

And so on – whilst simple, is really rather hard.

So I’ve decided I’m no longer in the information business, I’m in the transformation business.

Of course I will continue to provide you with cutting edge, backed by repeatable science, information. But I’m also going be researching ways to help you change your behaviour.

Because make no mistake about it…

If you’re struggling with any aspect of living a happier, healthier and stronger life… It’s not information that’s the problem…

It’s your behaviour that needs to change.

Right, time for Louis morning walk.

Bye for now


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Truth is, the key to behaviour change is to start slowly and do it regularly.

That’s how the Sleep Solution was designed and that’s why it’s so effective.

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