ZEN+ : Helping you Stay Young and Age Well

This applies to anything you want to learn

By Marcus Santer


I had a lovely day in Gloucestershire yesterday.

And I got to talk to lots of great people about what I do for a living.

It allowed me to really fine tune my “elevator pitch” – an accurate snapshot of my work in just one sentence.

Towards the end of the day a common exchange would go like this:

Dude: “So what do you do for a living then?”

Me: “I’m an author who writes books on how to stay young, based on the 5 years of evidenced based research I’ve done into the truth about healthy ageing my aim is to help people avoid unnecessary pain, illness and suffering as they age.”

And then the conversation would either take off, or die from there.

So where was I yesterday?

What was I doing that gave me so much opportunity to talk to so many fine people about healthy ageing?

Well, the answer will surprise.

It certainly surprised me.

I was at the UK Knife Show.

I know.

Crazy huh?

I was helping out my mentor, Pieter Annandale, sell his knives at the show.

Who’d have thought there would be so many folk also interested in stacking the odds of a longer, healthier and happier life in the favour too?

Though I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised, I mean who doesn’t want to stay young and age well?

Now then, whether you’re into knife making or not… I did find a very common theme that I think applies universally to learning anything.

Would you like to know what it is?

You would?

Okay then, it’s this:

The best and the quickest way to learn something and apply it in your life is by having direct access to a master of what you want to be good (or get better) at.

I spoke with a lot of beginner knife makers and the difference in experience between those who had access to a mentor and those who didn’t was obvious.

The truth about learning is this:

Moving on…

Those folk who continued to be interested, and wanted to hear more, gave me a priceless opportunity to fine tune my healthy ageing pyramid pirate map – a pirate map is simply a list of landmarks that will get you to your goal.

And before going to bed last night I wrote it down.

Here it is:

  1. Prevention is better than cure – You can minimise the risks of early death with regular health checks and by avoiding unnecessary risks
  2. Prioritise your sleep, it isn’t a luxury
  3. Cultivate friendships and be a good friend
  4. Eat like an adult
  5. Move more often, make friends with the floor and build strength
  6. Have an effective stress management plan (though if you cover the other points properly you might not need one).
  7. Remember supplements are supplements to healthy lifestyle choices, not a replacement for them

There are no secrets to staying young your whole life.

Just embrace these 7 habits and put them to work in your life.

It’s as simple as that.

But if you’d like:

The full story…

…The facts that back up my claims…

And as elite coach Dan John put it:

“…the simplest matrix I have ever seen for health, fitness and longevity.”

You can download a copy of my book, The Healthy Ageing Pyramid and discover the 7 health packed habits proven to help you stay young your whole life…


Bye for now


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