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Things that go BUMP in the night…

By Marcus Santer


I admit it…

I’m a wreck today.

How come?

Because at 01:49 this morning I was awoken from my delicious slumber by Clarabella throwing her arm across my chest and whispering:

“What’s that noise?”

I could feel the panic dripping off her voice as I tried to shake the sleep from my head and listen.

Now at that time in the morning the street lamps are off around here and the house really is in pitch black darkness…

Which of course is great for promoting fantastic sleep.

But not so great for easily working out what’s got your wife all spooked.

Now, as a guy I have certain household duties.

Things like:

And so on.

You know the drill.

And one of my least favourite duties is security.

Which means it was my job to get up and do the rounds to make certain everything was ship shape and Bristol fashion.

Problem, was as Clarabella had been waking me up and whispering frantically in my ear I had kinda heard the tail end of something.

But didn’t know what.

It was either the sound of:

Or something else altogether.

But non of that mattered, because whatever it was, I was going to have to get up and find out.

Arming myself with my weapon of choice – I won’t tell you what it is, all I’ll say is it’s called: The Brute – I started on my rounds.

I checked on Ollie.

I was delighted to hear him sleeping deeply.

I went downstairs and checked on Louis and Sammy.

Louis looked up from the sofa as if to say: “Do you know what time it is?”

Sammy came over mooching for food.

And I checked the rooms.


Relieved I went back upstairs.

Reported back to Clarabella and tried to capture my sleepy thought.

But it was no good.

To much stress cocktail pumping around my body for sleep to come.

So I ran through all the tools I know for promoting sleep.

And nothing was working.

I shoulda just got up and read of something.

But bed was warm and cosy.

Anyway, long story short – I ended up over sleeping and now feel like something the cat dragged in. The silver lining of this cloud is I am reminded of just how important a good nights sleep is.

Oh well, I’ll have NASA power nap later.


Before I go and play catch up with the day, I’d just like to tell you that April’s edition of The ZEN+ Journal marks it’s 3rd birthday.

And the 37th edition is going to be twice the usual size to celebrate.

Here’s a few things you might not know about The Journal:

And in this third birthday edition of The Journal I’m going to give you:

And if there’s any space left once I’ve written all that I’m also planning to share some of the highlights from the Journals 36 previous issues.

That is of course if you’re a Journal reader.

If not, then you’re not going to get any of this.

Now you might be thinking: “I don’t want to join a subscription based newsletter, no matter how good it is.”

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How come?

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The very worst that can happen is you’ll end up with £60 of life changing information, a book and a DVD (worth £65) all for free.

Not that much of a risk for you really is it?

I don’t know anyone else who offers such a good guarantee.


It’s all explained right here.

Bye for now


P.S. My brain is too tired to come up with some pithy PS to wrap this up.

So I’d just like to remind you to become a ZEN+ Journal Reader today and benefit from the super-sized third birthday edition I’ll be sending out in a few weeks.

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