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They thought it was a weakness, but I turned it into a strength…

By Marcus Santer


After I wrote my dissertation back in 1993 I was hauled into the office for a viva voce.

Think of it as an oral exam.

Now the thing is…

…It’s rare for undergraduates to have to undergo this examination, but my supervisor was a twisted little git.

He was also the head of something to do with student accommodation which meant whenever I was supposed to meet with him to discuss what I was planning to research for my dissertation…

…He was never available.

And with the clock ticking I kinda had to make some judgement calls.

So there I was being grilled by him and another lecturer, being forced to give a verbal defence of my dissertation.

And he was out to destroy me.

No way was he at fault for the content, it was all me.

It’s like they say in some martial arts, attack is the best from of defence.

And I was all over the place.

At one point I had to stop the process and ask what ‘What does progeny mean?’

I can laugh about it now, but it sucked at the time.


I got my honours degree (just), but the biggest criticism levelled at me was that my work wasn’t academic enough.

That’s right.

The big problem they had with it was that anyone could read it and understand it. And in a university I’m guessing that’s something to be frowned upon.

Well, not for the first time has this ‘weakness’ of mine been applauded by those who know better.

Take this line from a recent communication I had with Dr Walter Bortz MD after he reviewed the Healthy Ageing Pyramid book:

“You have surveyed an immense amount of imperative information, not all of which is readily grasped by the general public and translated it into words to live by.

Oh yeah!

That’s what I’m talking about.

I pride myself on my ability to take the complex…

…Break it down into it’s simplest form and create step-by-step systems anyone who’s interested can use to get extraordinary results.

I did it with the Qigong Secrets Home Study Course.

I did it with The PERFECT Qigong System

I did it with the ZEN+ Calisthenic chains.

I did it with my book Folding Liner Lock Knife Making For Beginners

… And I’ve done it again with The Healthy Ageing Pyramid.

Due to be published in January.

Bye for now


P.S. It might be a little delayed.

How come?

Well, I asked Walter if he’d consider writing the Foreword to the HAP book and much to my delight he said he’d be happy to.

And Walter’s a busy guy.

So I’m happy to wait until he’s got the time to write it.

But there’s plenty I can be getting on with in the meantime, like getting it edited.

I can’t tell you how excited I am that Walter’s agreed to lend his authority and experience to the HAP project.

And just in case you’re not certain who Walter is, here’s a snippet from his Wikipedia page:

“Walter Michael Bortz II, is an American physician and author who teaches medicine at Stanford University. He is one of America’s leading scientific experts on aging, and promotes the possibility of a 100-year lifespan.”

This is going to be epic =)

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