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They ain’t sexy or complex… But they work

By Marcus Santer

Okay, let’s start from where we left off yesterday

Here’s the next 4 sensible ways to reach your ideal weight and maintain it:

4) Know where you’re starting from – Have you ever used an online program to help you get directions from where you live to a new destination?

If you have, you’ll know that for it to work you need to put in your starting postcode and the postcode of where you want to get to.

If you miss a piece of the information out, the program can’t give you directions.

Obvious huh?

Well it’s the same with reaching and maintaining your ideal weight.

But most folk simply focus on their destination and pay no attention to where they’re starting from.

Big mistake.

How come?

Well, if you don’t know what your starting weight is, what your stomach measurement is then how do you know if you’re making progress towards your ideal weight?

That’s right… You don’t.

And if you’ve got a long journey ahead of you, it’s easy to get disheartened if you feel you’re not making progress.

So make sure you record your weight and waist size and Check your stats regularly.

5) Use peer pressure to your advantage – This simply means that if you want to stack the odds of reaching your ideal weight in your favour…

Tell other people about it.

But make sure you tell the right people okay?

You know, people who will support you, encourage you and keep you on track when your spirit is weak.

Y’know what I’m saying?

6) One size don’t fit all – Even though from a 30,000 ft up in the air view we humans all look very similar… When you get up close and personal, we’re all very different.

So just because one approach to weight loss or maintenance worked for your buddy…

Don’t necessarily mean it’s gonna work as well for you.

Whilst writing my ZEN+ book I got talking to a woman who’d lost 3 stones – and kept it off – using the meal replacement approach.

She told me her friend had achieved similar results through attending weight watcher classes.

She was laughing as she told me this because she’d never been able to get on with WW, where as her friend had never had any success with meal replacement.

So, if you’ve been trying one sensible approach to reaching or maintaining your ideal weight for a reasonable period of time – at least 3 months – and you’re not seeing results…

Then it’s time to experiment with something else.

You dig?

7) Eat when hungry – Whilst working to get rid of my bloated belly I made a shocking discovery.

I found I frequently ate food – usually junk food – even when I wasn’t hungry.

I know, I know – you’d never do something like that would you?

Or would you?

So whilst travelling towards my idea weight I frequently had to stop and ask myself this question:

“Am I hungry?”

Often the answer was: No.

And I found I regularly turned to food when I was:

I bet you can probably make you’re own list.

But for me, I discovered my major weakness for sabotaging myself was boredom. Once I’d made this discovery I then set to work on finding better ways to feed this feeling.

Ways that didn’t involve food.


The next time you’re about to put something in your mouth, that’s outside of the journey you’re making… Be sure to ask this question:

“Am I hungry?”

Then act accordingly.


Okay, I’m outta space and outta time again.

I’ll finish this series off tomorrow.

Bye for now


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