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Their punishment is being them…

By Marcus Santer

Sunday sucked.

Thanks to a visit from the electrician last week – to finally fix the shower – the bathroom floor was a train wreck.

The guy had had no choice but to rip up the floorboards in order to gain access.

In order to put in the right cable.

The cable that should’ve been fitted in the first place.

I tell ya…

As a result of the wrong cable being fitted:

And we’re – at last count – £489 out of pocket.

All for the sake of the few pounds extra it would’ve cost to fit the correct cable in the first place.

Now you might think I’d be angry or building up a resentment.

But you’d be wrong.

​Because it’s very likely that whoever did this – cheap, quick and dirty – job originally, also treats their health in the same way.

And as a result…

Their punishment is being them.

How come?

Because how you do anything is how you do everything.

And that’s not just some pithy saying.

I’ve found it to be true from my own direct experience.

And the moral of this story?

If you’re going to do something, anything…

Do it right.

Do the best job you can.

And if you don’t know how to do it right…

Get someone who can.

And when it comes to your health, vitality and longevity…

I recommend you do it The ZEN+ Way.

It’s all clearly spelled out for you right here.

Bye for now


P.S. So why did Sunday suck so badly?

It wasn’t because I spent 9 hours fixing the bathroom floor.

And it wasn’t because my back ached and my knees were sore afterwards.

Ugh, ugh.

It was because Clarabella and I had chosen the wrong floor tiles.

We’d picked them together, but I think it’s fair to say they were more my choice than Clarabella’s.

Instead of being boring, they were hip.

At least in the shop.

But by the time I’d laid the first line I realised they had a very serious design flaw.

No border.

Which meant ANY slight crack or misalignment between tiles is magnified 10 fold.

Long story short…

My bathroom floor looks horrible.

In spite of my best efforts.

And that sucks.

I don’t mind investing time and effort when the results are pleasing.

But when they look like my bathroom floor…

Well that’s just upsetting.

And if you want to avoid getting the same upsetting results from your efforts to stack the odds of a:

And stronger life in your favour…

You need this.

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