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The truth about dogs…

By Marcus Santer

I‘m choked up.

Fighting back the tears and feeling rather silly.

How come?

I’ve spent the last 30 minutes looking for the right dog quote to start today’s ZEN+ Daily with.

And reading all that highly charged emotional stuff about dogs has melted my heart.

But you know what?

As good as they are…

None of them really sum it up for me.

Yes, dogs are awesome.

But they can also be a colossal pain in the gluteus ass-maximus.

They cover your house in dirt, hair and other stuff I try not to look too closely at.

The truth about dogs is this:

Having a dog is nothing like it was in the TV and movies I watched growing up:

And so on.

I tell ya, dogs have got the best PR in the movies.

There’s a lot more to owning a dog than you think.


You might be wondering what the hell I’m going on about, fair point.

It’s Louis 7th birthday today.

7 years.

I remember coming home from a weekend Qigong workshop I was teaching in London and Clarabella telling me we were going to look at Labrador puppy the next day.

And let me tell you this…

You don’t walk out of a barn filled with 9 Labrador pups without taking at least one with you.

Truth be told after a week of ownership, we came very close to taking him back.

How come?

Because he wouldn’t stop hiding behind the back of the toilet.

He was so timid.

Which if you’ve ever met Louis is impossible to believe.

Because he’s certainly made up for it since.

He’s a legend around these parts.

Every dog owner knows Louis.

Anyway enough about that.

Because all the dog quotes had a grain of truth to them.

Dogs are wonderful.

And so much more that’s impossible to put into words.

At the end of the day my job is simply to be worthy of the love he gives so freely.


Words are one thing…

Actions are something else all together.

And it’s time to take him down the beach for a run and a swim.

I’ll take a birthday shot of him when we get back and when it’s ready you’ll be able to see it below:


Happy Birthday Louis =)

Bye for now


P.S. As I was getting Louis beach kit together:

Louis asked me if I’d given you an opportunity to invest in one of my life-enhancing products.

And I realised I hadn’t.

So let me rectify that oversight right now…

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