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The Thing called String…

By Marcus Santer

I got a parcel through the post a few weeks back.

It was wrapped in brown paper and even had some string tied around it.

Made quite an impact.

Especially on Sammy the Cat.

As he decided the string was the coolest thing in the house… Ever.

He’d have played with it for hours if I hadn’t of got bored pulling it backwards and forwards and up and down and round and round.

Whilst he leapt, spun, pounced and ran.

So I kept the string.

Put in the draw where Louis poo bags live.

And Sammy knows the Thing called String lives in that draw. And he sits there regularly waiting to play. But this morning at stupid o’clock, he didn’t want to play with the Thing called string…

He wanted a cuddle.

And as he sat on my knee getting a stroke I felt myself relaxing.

And I remembered writing about this subject a while back over on my Qigong15 blog.

So here’s some facts about the benefits of pets:

The first study I came across was published in the Medical Journal of Australia…

In this study they discovered pet owners tend to have lower triglcerides (a type of fat found in your blood) and cholesterol levels.

Fascinated by this research I decided to look a little deeper into the benefits of pets.

Here are some of my findings:

“Holding a pet triggers a relaxation response. It helps you stay focused and present, as opposed to dwelling on the past or worrying about the future”

Stroking your pet can release your bodies natural ‘happy drugs’ serotonin and dopamine AND lower your blood pressure.

You’ve got to agree that’s pretty cool right?

Now if you’ve got a dog, you’ll be familiar with this next one:

You go out for a while and when you come back your dog acts like you’ve been gone forever and you’re the greatest thing they’ve EVER seen. Now I don’t know about you, but a welcome from Louis always makes me feel good. And research done at the University of Pennsylvania shows this kind of welcome is good for you too.

“We know that social support – or a lack of it – directly affects the body’s immune system and impacts our resistance to infections and disease.”


And let’s not forget that other amazing health benefit you get from having a dog…

Going for regular walks.

Now as you’re probably aware, Louis LOVES his walks.

And so do I.

They get me out into the beautiful Devon countryside for a heavy dose of fresh air and I also get to meet lots of his doggy friends and their owners.

Exercise and social interaction!

For a self-employed, work from home guy like myself this is of vital importance.

So, quick recap, having a pet can:

Holy Cat Flap Batman…

I hate to say it, but it looks like having a cat or a dog could give you as many benefits as practicing ZEN+ habits.

But let’s not get carried away here Grasshopper.

Cos for all of their pluses, they do come with some major minuses too.


And so on.

All in all pets are a huge commitment.

So if you don’t fancy the idea of pet ownership you’ll be delighted to know you can get all of the benefits of cat or dog ownership – and more – by adopting ZEN+ lifestyle habits.

Personally, I recommend you do both.

Now I can’t help you with locating a cat or dog, but when it comes to living and ageing well…

I got just the thing for you here.


P.S. Do you remember this ad: A dog is for life not just for Christmas?

Just in case…

Whilst a cat or dog can give you many excellent and valuable health benefits they can be a major time suck.

The need so much looking after, care and attention.

Louis doesn’t care if:

He wants – and deserves – two long walks in the Devon countryside…




So forget all the hype you’ve seen in American films like: ET… Pets are a serious, serious commitment and getting one is not a decision to be taken lightly.

If in doubt…

Get a copy of this instead.

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