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The silly thing I did yesterday…

By Marcus Santer

I treated myself yesterday.

I bought myself a PDF called: Fashioning a High-Tech Folding Knife.

Yeah, I know.

Sounds pretty juicy right?

Well you can imagine my surprise when I went to the download page and the vendors system informed me I’d already bought a copy 2 years ago.


Sure would’ve been nice if it had told me before payment =)

But I gotta laugh.

Because it shows me the very real problem with PDF’s…

It’s so easy for them to sit on your hard-drive, forgotten and collecting virtual cyber-dust.

Printed material is different.

I’ve never bought the same physical book by accident twice.

Okay, so that’s not strictly true.

Sometimes they change the covers on books and as I frequently forget which books in a fiction series I might have read, I tend to work from the cover.

So I have bought the odd Jack Reacher or Raymond E. Feist novel twice =)

But you know what?

Tis no problem.

How come?

Because I can simply gift it to somebody else.

Try doing that with a duplicate PDF =)

Anyway, this kinda thing never happens with The ZEN+ Journal because each month you get 12 to 14 pages of ZEN+ goodness posted through your mail box.


Hold in your hands…

Write in the margins and fold the edges over paper.

It’s all printed in-house and folded by hand by yours truly here.

Usually whilst watching a movie.

And then me and Louis walk to the post office on Exeter Road where Jamie gets it ready to ship to your door.

It really is a monthly newsletter made like no other.

Which is all well and good.

I bet it warms the cockles of your heart to know how involved I am in the creation of the Journal. No emailing a PDF off to some printing company and allowing machines to do everything.

But The Journal is even more than that.

Because it also contains my most current, up-to-date research on topics that – if you apply – can help you to live and age well.


Each month as a Journal subscriber you get:

And each new subscriber to The Journal also gets:

And as if all that wasn’t enough…

You also get to try The ZEN+ Journal – risk free – for two whole months.

I can’t say any fairer than that now can I?

Anyway if all that doesn’t convince you to become a Journal reader, nothing will.

But if you’re tempted…

Go here for the full story: The ZEN+ Journal

Bye for now


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