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The Sensible Eating Plan from Sweden

By Marcus Santer

I love doing research…

Because you never know what you’re going to find.

Let me explain…

As part of my research for this months ZEN+ Journal I’ve been looking under every rock for a sensible eating plan backed up by scientific evidence..

And I have to say, out of the many recommendations countries around the world have made about what a healthy diet should look like…

Sweden’s has to be one of the most simple and sensible. Because it’s evidence based.

Their 26 page booklet:

Find your way to eat greener, not too much and be active

Is well worth a read (it’s in English).

But if you’re in a rush it’s summed up on the last page:

Sensible eating plan from Sweden

As you can see, it ain’t rocket science.

And there’s nothing on that list that should come as a great surprise to you either.

But then as I’m fond of saying…

“There’s a huge gap between knowing what to do and doing what you know.”

And each month in the ZEN+ Journal I concentrate on making sure you’re clear on what to do by providing you with the research.

But then I go a step further.

I wrap it up with a section titled: Just One Thing.

This is where I sum up the contents of the Journal into bite sized nuggets and encourage you to choose just one thing to embrace for the rest of the month.

Because small changes – over time – can lead to big changes.


In this months Journal I’m covering:

And I’m still deciding whether to include the research I found on how celebrities can be bad for your health.

Because – including the bonus report on the results of my latest weight loss experiment – I’m already up to 16 pages.

So what?

Well, I prefer to keep each Journal to around 12 pages as I’ve found that to be the sweet spot when it comes to avoiding information overload and encouraging folk to actually take action on what I’ve shared.

Because as much as I love researching and writing…

I prefer it when you actually use what I’ve written to improve your life.

That’s what makes me all warm and fuzzy =)

Right, I’m outta here, time for Louis morning walk. And Clarabella’s going to join us too – Yay!

You on the other hand should get your booty over here and become a ZEN+ Journal reader.

Bye for now


P.S. July’s bumper edition of The ZEN+ Journal goes to my printer tomorrow, so if you want to discover the evidence behind why Social Connection and Food are so important to living and ageing well…

…And you want simple action steps, clearly laid out to help you implement and benefit from them in your life…

You better become a Journal reader quick.

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