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The real problem holding you back and 4 ways to overcome it

By Marcus Santer

Whe Sunday Quote:

“The problem in my life and other people’s lives
is not the absence of knowing what to do, but absence of doing it.”
Peter Drucker

I suggest you read that again.

Personally I think it’s so true.

Most of the time I know what to do to get what I want done, but I don’t do it.

Simple as that.

If this subject relates to you, here’s 4 ways I’ve found to overcome this problem.

1) Visibility – It’s easy to lose sight of the important things I want to get done and achieve in my life. Because I live life, which means there’s a million and one things demanding my attention most of the time and it’s easy to get sidetracked. So I make certain the important things are written down and placed on my desk to help keep me focused and avoid overwhelm.

2) Support – As much as I like my own company, I know I need support to get things done. Sometimes it’s hiring a professional to edit my book, or do my accounts for example. But most frequently it’s my coach that keeps me moving forwards and doing the things that I know I need to do.

3) Effort – I used to think I had to feel like doing something in order to do it. Ha! It’s simply not true. Sure, it’s nice if you feel like going for a 30 minute walk. But when it’s near freezing and raining sharks and dogs – well it takes effort. If it’s got to be done, and if you’ve got to do it then do it. You don’t have to feel like it, that’s a myth that will kill your success.

4) Why? – What’s your why? So you know what to do. But the first question you need to answer is: Why do you want it? You say you want to live a longer, healthier and happier life. You say you want to be stronger, you say want to get ripped and so on. Why? I’ll be talking about the importance of why in great detail in February’s ZEN+ Journal.


Knowing what to do and not doing it is one of the greatest barriers everyone faces to getting what they want.

So you’re in good company.

You’re certainly not unique in this.

But this doesn’t change the fact that the difference between those who get ahead and those who don’t is doing what needs to be done.

​Simple… But rarely easy.

Once the ZEN+ books have all been shipped out next week, I’m going to see if there’s any interest in being coached by me via email.

Keep an eye out for that.

Being coached has had a huge beneficial impact on my life and if you’re struggling to get a ZEN+ lifestyle established I want to help.

Okay, the sun is shining and Louis is ready for his Sunday morning walk.


Bye for now


P.S. Of course there’s a lot more to doing what you know you. And the 4 solutions in this ZEN+ Daily will help you on your way.

But if you want the full story…

Make sure you read February’s Journal.

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