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The only 48 words you’ll ever need to live better and age well…

By Marcus Santer


I just spent the last 30 minutes concentrating:

The Healthy Ageing PyramidThe 7 Highly Effective Habits of the Longest Living People on Earth

Into its simplest, most bare bones form.

And I present you with…

The only 48 words of advice you need to live and age well, in order of importance:

Update your thinking about ageing.

Don’t smoke and wear your seat belt because prevention is better than cure.

Prioritise quality sleep.

Cultivate friendships.

Eat real food, not too much, eat more fruit and vegetables.

Watch your waist to height ratio.

Exercise every day.

Practice Qigong to manage stress.

Everything else is a distraction.

If you’ll embrace these 48 words and put them to work in your life, you’ll be amazed at the benefits you’ll receive.

Now if you want to dig deeper into the whys and the hows of these 48 words…

You need to read my book:

The Healthy Ageing Pyramid – Discover the 7 habits proven to help you stay young your whole life.

I wrote it because I want to put an end to good folk like you wasting your valuable time, energy and money being ripped off by 21st Century snake oil salesmen and charlatans.

I want to stop you being misled by the scientific sounding BS peddled by clueless celebrities and money hungry media.

And I want to do my bit to put an end to millions of needless deaths that could be avoided by the adoption of a few simple lifestyle changes.

Read the Healthy Ageing Pyramid book and you’ll never again be confused as to where to focus your efforts to get maximum results with minimum effort.

And it’s only available here.

Bye for now


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