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The one thing you don’t want to waste…

By Marcus Santer

The Sunday Quote:

“I started out making throwing knives.
I’d make a knife, throw it in the bin.
Make another knife and throw it in the bin…”
Pieter Annandal
member of the Knife Makers Guild of Southern Africa

If you’ve been a ZEN+ Daily reader for a while, you’ll know that I’m also fond of trying to make knives in my spare time.

It’s the perfect Yang to balance out writings Yin.

And at the moment I’m currently banging my head against a brick wall trying to work out where to put the stop pin on a folding knife I’m trying to make.

And failing miserably.

I spent two whole days with tracing paper and pencils.

I’ve spent three days so far messing around with a prototype in Aluminium.

And that’s after weeks, possibly even months of watching Youtube vids, DVD’s and reading every book and PDF I can lay my hands on.

And I’m still failing.

It’s possibly one of the most frustrating things I’ve ever tried to learn.

And what’s really busting my boiler is the fact that if I had an experienced knife maker stood next to me they’d be able to simply point and say…

“Yeah, your stop pin needs to go there.”

Problem solved in seconds.

Not days, weeks or months of frustration, dead ends and failures.

Which all adds up to wasted time.

And I hate wasting my time.

And if you’re trying to work out the solution to a problem that somebody else already knows the answer to, then there’s a good chance you’re wasting your precious finite time too.

And when it comes to getting the skills of Qigong, I’m guessing countless people have the same experience as I’m having making knives…

You’ve read the books…

You’ve watched the DVD’s…

You’ve taken the online home study courses…

And just how the hell do you know if you’ve really entered a Qigong State of Mind?

And that question that keeps popping up every time you practice…

How do you find a solution to it?

I feel your frustration.

I really do.

So if you want to get to grips with real, authentic Qigong.

Get questions to your answers

Know that you’re foundational skills are solid and you’re on the right path to mastery.

And save countless hours of the one thing you can’t afford to waste…

Your precious finite time/life.

What’s the solution?


Learn directly from the best source you can find.

And when it comes to PERFECT Qigong…

I’m the best source on the planet.

And I’m going to be teaching two workshops in Norway this October.

1) October 24thAn introduction to PERFECT Qigong. Where you’ll learn everything you need to be certain you’re practicing authentic Qigong.

2) October 25th Cosmic Shower. An advanced Qigong technique to cleanse away blockages to harmonious energy flow and release your imprisoned splendour in all it’s glory.

And during breaks you’re welcome to ask ZEN+ questions too.

I’ll have full details up on the website I’m building later this week.

But for now I simply wanted to put it on your radar.

So if you’re frustrated with your practice and you can get to the gorgeous country of Norway this October…

I look forward to seeing you soon and sharing everything I know with you.

Shame we’ve only got a weekend really =)

Bye for now


P.S. With this knife making problem I’ve got I find myself wishing… Not for the first time… That I lived in the USA.

Over there I could easily take a workshop with a master who could show me the way.

Who could share their skills, wisdom and experience with me.

And don’t even get me started on what’s available to a newbie knife maker living in South Africa.

There’s a dude out there: Bertie Rietveld

His knives are works of art and sell for many 1000’s of dollars.

And yet for just £600 you can spend 3 days learning one to one with him.

If you’re a knife maker that’s an unbelievable offer.

I tell ya, I’ve already warned Clarabella I’m planning a trip to South Africa soon.

And if you’re serious about your Qigong skills you’ll want to join me in Norway this October.

Full details coming just as soon as I’ve finished building the website!

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