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The Mazda ‘Gram Strategy’ Approach to Better Health

By Marcus Santer

I was watching an old Top Gear episode yesterday whilst making my huge spinach salad.

Richard Hammond was raving about the new Mazda MX5

I’d seen this episode before, but it’s always nice to have a bit of chewing gum for the brain whist peeling carrots, chopping tomatoes and slicing cucumber.

And as I wrestled to extract the stone from the not very ripe avocado I heard Hammond start talking about Mazda’s ‘Gram Strategy’

Let me explain…

The MX5 he was reviewing weighed 100kg less than the mode it replaced.

How had Mazda achieved this?

Well, as the team were building it they left no bolt untouched.

They did everything they could to save a gram here and a few grams there.

Thing like:

And so on.

The end result was 100kg saved.

There’s an important health message to take away from Mazda’s ‘Gram Strategy’

A simple but powerful one:

Small changes add up to big changes

And you can do the same using ZEN+

And so on.

Because as Mazda demonstrated small changes add up.

For 120 ZEN+ lifestyle changes you can make to help you tip the scales of a longer and healthier life in your favour…

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The 30 Day ZEN+ Challenge.

I put this simple system together to help you get the most from ZEN+

Each day you’ll get to review and apply up to 4 small changes you can make to your life.

Do them and they’ll quickly add up.

I made this tool because it’s not what you know that’s important…

Ugh, Ugh.

It’s what you do with what you know that enables you to live and age well.

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