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The Kents Cavern Blackout way to better sleep

By Marcus Santer

Sleep better

Clarabella and I went to Kent’s Cavern yesterday.

In case you don’t know what that is, it’s one of the most important stone age sites in Europe.

And it’s only 10 miles away.

Well, that’s 10 Devon miles, which converts to about 50 normal miles =)

Anyway, we came face to face with 400 million year old rocks.

And we got to watch stalactites and stalagmites been formed – which is slightly more interesting than watching paint dry.

We also got to realise what a tiny blip our lives are on the Universe clock.

Elliott guided our small party through the caves and two memories stand out for me:

One: Of the 4 human species found in the UK, 3 have been discovered in Kents Cavern – Homo heidelbergensis (used wooden tools), Homo neanderthalensis(used stone tools and had bigger brains) and Homo sapiens (you and me)

Two: Just how dark a cave is – It’s called the Kents Cavern Blackout. As we entered the ‘Bears Den’ we were told to put our hands in front of our faces, in the dim candlelight they could easily be seen. Then the lights went out and we were plunged into total darkness, a complete absence of any light. I literally couldn’t see the hand in front of my face.

It was awesome sauce.

And it got my thinking…

Over a very long period of time, we humans have evolved to sleep in darkness.

Pitch black darkness.

A quick Google search on the history of street lighting reveals it was only in 1417 that the first organised method of public lighting was arranged in London.

On the evolutionary time scale 600 years is a tiny amount of time.

Fast forward to today and light is everywhere at night.

And that could be causing you a problem.

How come?

Well, your body is dependent on a chemical messenger called Melatonin to regulate your sleep/wake cycle and it’s affected by light.

Which is why any effective sleep strategy encourages making your bedroom as dark as possible.

As dark as a Kents Cavern Blackout.

So here’s a challenge for you…

When you go to bed tonight, turn out the light and take a look around your room.

Notice how light or dark it is.

Can you make it darker?

You might find you’ll get better sleep if you do.

Making your bedroom as dark as possible at night, is just one of the 43 tips you’ll find in my 28 day Sleep Solution program designed specifically to help you sleep like a baby and wake up feeling good to go in the morning.

So, if you’d like to improve your sleep and gain all of the benefits that go with to (including):

To list just a few vital activities your body can only carry out when you’re getting great sleep…

Go here next.

What’s the worst that can happen =)

Bye for now


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