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The inspiring spider…

By Marcus Santer

What do:

And I all have in common?

They’ve all received inspiration from a spider.

Though, to be fair for Tamerlan it was an ant.

Ah, that’s got you thinking now hasn’t it?

Let me explain.

Most Saturdays, me and Ollie go around to my mum and dad’s for lunch.

And this Saturday when I arrived I was in a fowl mood.


Because I’d just blown through 40 quids worth of drills and taps.

When you’re using solid carbide, those puppies ain’t cheap.

I managed to drill only 4 holes and tap one of them.

And in the process I broke 3 carbide drills and my last remaining tap.

Now being able to tap and drill are important skills.

Especially if you want to make folding knives.

So after my morning of disaster I was left feeling like I was never going to win.

That I’m never going to be able to make the kind of knives I want to be able to make.

And as we sat down for lunch my mum reminded me of the story:

Robert Bruce and the Spider

In case you’re not familiar with it, it goes something like this:

At one point in his war against the English, Robert was close to despair.

Holed up in a cave in on the lonely island of Rachrin he noticed a spider trying to build a web.

It tried it failed.

It tried again, it failed.

It tried again.

But it kept on trying until it succeeded.

That’s my mum’s version of this popular story.

And after listening to it, I felt much better.

Because she was right.

I just simply needed to be reminded of the maxim:

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again.”

You see, sometimes you don’t need any new stuff, advice or information.

You simply need to be reminded of what you already know.

And be encouraged to keep on going.

That’s what I plan to do with the students on the Cosmic Shower Online Coaching Class.

When a particular subject comes up I’ll go into detail.

But my feeling is that most of the time I’ll be encouraging students to do what they already know.

And then hold them accountable.

This way they’ll gain the advanced Qigong technique: Cosmic Shower


And this is the most important part.

If they continue to practice they will eventually gain the skill of generating an internal shower of cosmic energy to cleanse and refresh their meridians.

And gain all the benefits that comes with that.

Things like:

But I’m only allowing two more students into February’s class.

If you qualify to attend…

You can reserve your place here.

Bye for now


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