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The Inner Game of ZEN+

By Marcus Santer

It’s a wet and grey morning here in Dawlish.

And I’m rummaging through my note books looking for something worthwhile to share with you today and Sammy (the cat) is sat on my printer.

Which is fine.

He likes to sit on it, so he can look out of the window waiting for other cats to go and fight.

Except this morning he isn’t.

He’s trying to get onto my desk for a stroke.

But he’s gonna have to wait because I’m running out of ZEN+ Daily writing time.

Trouble is, what Sammy wants, Sammy gets.

He’s relentless and he won’t stop until he gets what he wants.

Which for some weird reason reminds me of something I read recently about the Romans.

Their success as a world conquering force has been attributed by some to 3 characteristics they had:

  1. Relentless – Like Sammy they didn’t stop until they got what they wanted
  2. System Focused – They had a system for everything. And once they found a way of doing something that worked they kept doing it.
  3. Discipline – You did what was expected of you or else. For example the punishment for falling asleep on watch was to be beaten to death by the guys you shared a tent with.

You could benefit a lot from making sure you have these 3 characteristics too.

1) Decide what it is you want:

And so on.

Then don’t stop until you get it.

2) Do your research – Discover what you have to do to get what you want and create yourself a system e.g:

3) Exercise discipline – Make sure you do what is expected of you.

Listen, I’ve been around the sun enough times to realise they’re aren’t any secrets to success in what you want.

Most times it boils down to simply having the discipline to do what others won’t do.

Note I said: Won’t, not Can’t.

Okay, let’s wrap this up.

Big thanks to Sammy The Cat for providing the inspiration for today’s Z+D – in the time it’s taken me to write it, he got his stroke and he’s since left the building.


  1. Relentless
  2. System focused
  3. Discipline

I think I’ll call these: The Inner Game of ZEN+

Bye for now


P.S. If you want an opportunity to practice The Inner Game of ZEN+ I suggest you start with the 30-Day Challenge at the back of my ZEN+ book.

It starts on page 165.

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