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The Healing Assumption…

By Marcus Santer


It seems to me that making assumptions has received a lot bad press…

You know…

…That whole: ass-u-me thing.


I was talking with a good friend yesterday and we were – amongst other subjects – talking about how miserable and depressing The Walking Dead (TWD) is.

You know it’s not going to ever have a happy ending.

Sure, it’s brilliant…

But it don’t leave me feeling full of the joy’s of spring and optimistic about the future.

Now I don’t know about you, perhaps that’s just the effect it has on me.

All I’ll say is remember how fertile the soil of your mind is…

And it will happilly grow whatever you plant in it.

Roses or nettles… Your choice.


We came to the conclusion that spiritual leaders like the Dali Lama probably don’t watch things like TWD.

And that they don’t:

And all that other mountain of stuff that can lead you off the path of righteousness.

Now I ain’t judging…

Cos I’ve done my dirt…

But that’s when Mikey dropped a gold nugget on me.

The idea of: The Healing Assumption

I’d never heard the term before.

But my friend explained it like this…

You get the idea.

And it reminded me of a girl I knew from Nottingham back in 1993.

Her name was Caroline and she worked in the Business section of the Nottingham Central Library on the second floor.

I can’t remember the events leading up to the conversation, but I’ve never forgotten what she said:

“In the absence of certainty, you get to choose what something means.”

It’s the same thing as The Healing Assumption.

For example, this week I’ve been receiving more than the usual amount of hate.

It comes and goes in cycles, it seems to follow a pattern I can’t work out.

Enough to say there’s been a lot this week.

And if I’m being honest, even though I’ve been doing this online thing since 2009 – unwarrented hate still stings a bit.

After yesterdays conversation with my buddy I asked myself this question:

“What’s the healing assumption I can make here? In the absence of knowing these people who are being so rude and hurtful – what can I choose to believe?”

The answer was simple:

“Hurt people hurt people. They’re obviously in pain and their punishment is being them. Nothing I can say, do or write can beat that.”

So I deleted them and moved on.

Enough about me…

Let’s focus on you…

How can you use The Healing Assumption in your life?

Because no matter what happens today, you have a choice about how you’re going to interpret it.

I don’t know this is your life we’re talking about.

Just remember…

…In the absence of certainty about why something happened or why somebody did what they did…

You get to choose
The Healing Assumption
that best serves you.

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Bye for now


P.S. Just for today practice asking yourself:

“What is the healing assumption I can make?”

And remember, that in the absence of certainty about:

You can choose why, you can choose to assume something that helps you to keep moving forwards with a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

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