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The Greatness Formula

By Marcus Santer

The Saturday quote:

“The greatest skill you can develop is hard work.”
Jordan Belfort

There is a certain amount of irony in such a quote coming from Mr Belfort.

Convicted for stock market manipulation and defrauding thousands of people out of their cash.

He certainly worked hard at it.

And appears to be working hard to make amends.

Now as I waded through page after page of my stripy notebook trying to find a quote for today I noticed a theme emerging.

The theme of Greatness.

And nobody is great without hard work:

“Even the most accomplished people need around 10 years of hard work before becoming world class.”
Geoffrey Colvin

But sustaining hard work requires discipline:

“The word discipline derives from the same root as the world disciple. Discipline means to “Place oneself in the service of.” Discipline is a form of devotion. A grown man with nothing to devote himself to is a man who is sick at heart.”
Terry Real

From my experience I believe you can have whatever you’re prepared to work hard for.

Because most people give up on their dream, their goal, whatever they decided was important to them when the going gets tough.

Achieving greatness takes hard work and discipline.

If it was easy, everyone would be great. And if everyone was great, it would lose it’s value.

And you’d have to work even harder =)

But there’s another piece of the Greatness Formula we haven’t looked at yet. I found it in another quote from Geoffrey Colvin, taken from is brilliant article: ‘Secrets of Greatness’ in Fortune Magazine:

“But hard work isn’t enough. Many people work hard for decades without approaching greatness or becoming significantly better. Why? Deliberate practice is the answer.”

And there you have it… The Greatness Formula:

Hard work over a long period + Discipline + Deliberate practice = Greatness

Right I need to get back to building the ZEN+ Home Study Course because this thing isn’t going to build itself.

Bye for now


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