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The Goat Gonad Doctor Will See You Now…

By Marcus Santer

the goat gonad doctor will see you now

Yes you read that correctly: The Goat Gonad Doctor.

I promise you I’m not making this stuff up and I want to share a snippet of the John R. Brinkley story with you because it helps me to make a very important point…

Here goes:

In the early 1900’s, Dr John Brinkley – not really a doctor because he bought his ‘Dr’ for $500 from the Eclectic Medical University of Kansas City – was visited by a farmer named Stittsworth.

Stittsworth had lost his libido and wanted to know if Brinkley could help.

Brinkley had previously spent time working at the Swift meatpacking company and had been amazed at the sexual capacity of the goats whilst they waited to be slaughtered. Recalling this memory Brinkley jokingly suggested to Stittsworth he needed some goat gonads.

To which Stittsworth replied: “Ok, Doc, put em in.”

Or so the story goes.

The rest is bizarre history of the highest order and gives you a cautionary tale along with a chuckle – not a bad thing.

So let me explain how this worked:

Once payment was made the patient was shown to the back of the building where he could choose a goat he liked the look of. The animal was then castrated and it’s testicles popped into the mans scrotum via a small slit.

As absurd as it might sound – to have a goats severed testicles put into your scrotum in order to increase potency – Brinkley continued this practice for over 20 years.

Even though rotting goat’s testicles and gangrenous incisions killed 42 patients along the way, at his peak Brinkley was performing 50 testicle transplants a month at $500+ each.

And it made him a multi-millionaire.

But Brinkley wasn’t done there.

He claimed his operation not only cured impotence, but cured insanity too. Oh, and it supposedly cured 27 other conditions from emphysema to flatulence.

This excerpt is from an article on Quack Watch by Joe Schwarcz, Ph.D. [1]:

“All men needed the Brinkley operation, he declared, but the procedure was most suited to the intelligent and least suited to the “stupid type.” This, of course, ensured that few of his patients would admit that they had not benefited from the operation.”

Now as entertaining as this story is… It contains a very important message:

Because as much as you might laugh at the absurdity of people paying a small fortune to have a goat testicle transplant, there’re still plenty of anti-ageing myths, misconceptions and ‘snake oil’ sellers out there today.

Business has never been so good.

And for as long as people seek the Holy Grail of eternal youth, such things like:

And all the other questionable pills, potions and procedures out there – the anti- ageing B.S. market will continue to flourish.

Which is a shame, because the truth about how to stay young and age well is clearly documented and no secret at all.

Yet for as long as folk want an instant-fix without having to change their lifestyle habits these well proven anti-ageing facts will continue to be ignored in favour of sexy fads and gizmos pimped by no nothing celebs and slick marketing.

Oh well…

Fortunately you’re not one of these poor unfortunates…

Otherwise you wouldn’t have read this far.

So, if you’d like to discover the 6 time tested habits proven to stack the odds of a long and healthy life in your favour…

Read my book:

The Healthy Ageing Pyramid and discover the 7 health packed habits proven to help you stay young your whole life.

Bye for now


P.S. You probably noticed I wrote there are 6 proven habits, yet the title of my book mentions 7.

Well, that’s because the 7th habit is a big fat red herring.

But I wanted to include it and share the facts about it, because it’s been my experience that when people decide to start maintaining and improving their health… Habit 7 is where they start and it’s the worst place…

And I explain why in my book.

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[1] The Goat Gland Doctor http://www.quackwatch.org/11Ind/brinkley.html

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