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The Fuzzy Tale, What happened next…

By Marcus Santer

Continuing from yesterdays post

Because the village folk stopped giving away warm fuzzies freely two tragedies occurred:

  1. The warm fuzzies started to shrivel up and disappear so folk guarded them even closer and gave away even fewer.
  2. The villagers started to get sick.

A travelling medicine woman heard what was happening to the villagers and set off at once to help.

She’d seen this kind of sickness before and knew who and what was behind it.

When she arrived at the once happy village the woman was shocked by how much it had changed since her last visit several years ago.

The people looked like shadows, pale and drained of joy.

One of the villagers recognised the travelling medicine woman and asked if she would help his mother who was seriously ill.

The woman agreed.

Sitting by the side of the mothers bed, the woman reached out, held her hand, smiled and said: “You look like you could use a warm fuzzy.”

The mother sighed and replied: “But they’re in such short supply and there are fewer and fewer of them with each day that passes.”

The woman let go of the mothers hand and picked up her own bag of warm fuzzies and said: “Look inside my bag and tell me what you see.”

“I see one warm fuzzy” The mother replied.

The woman reached into the bag, took out her last warm fuzzy and gave it to the mother.

The mother sighed with relief and happiness: “It’s been such a long time” She said and continued: “But now you have no warm fuzzies left, whatever are you going to do?”

The woman smiled and said: “Look into my bag again.”

The mother gasped in surprise and exclaimed: “There are two! How is that possible?”

The woman explained: “All healing starts with the heart. Warm fuzzies come from the heart and when you give one away freely your heart is filled with joy and so is the heart of the person who gets the warm fuzzy. And as a result two warm fuzzies appear in your bag. The more you give the more you get. Yet when you keep them they eventually shrivel up and vanish altogether.”

“Do you think I could have another one then?” Asked the mother.

“Of course” The woman replied “Here you are.”

The mother looked better already and got out of bed for the first time in days. She lifted up a floor board in the corner of the room, where she had hidden her bag of warm fuzzies. Reaching in she took one out and gave it gladly to the travelling medicine woman.

Her son had witnessed the whole thing.

He smiled at the woman, threw his bag of cold pricklies into the fire and ran out into the village with his own bag of depleted warm fuzzies.

At first the villagers thought the man had gone crazy, but it was so nice to get a genuine warm fuzzy instead of a cold prickly. And a few of them began giving their own warm fuzzies away.

And that was yesterday.

What happens next is anyone’s guess.

Will the villagers remember that the more warm fuzzies they give away the more they receive?

Or is it too late?

I don’t know.

And as for the evil Warlock?

Well, the travelling medicine woman told me he was in your town up to his old tricks, speaking scarcity and advising folk to give cold pricklies and keep their warm fuzzies for themselves.

Armed with the wisdom in this Fuzzy Tale, what will you hand out to the folk you meet today?

I’ll leave it with you.

Bye for now


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