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The Forgotten Gem…

By Marcus Santer


I’m always trying to write something new and fresh for you.

But I was reminded yesterday there’s a lot of merit in having the important ‘stuff’ reinforced through repetition.

Let me explain…

I was having one of those ‘I feel inadequate’ days.

And I was contemplating this while on Louis afternoon walk through the Devon countryside.

Reflecting back on the day I realised I’d fed myself a strong diet of other people being excellent:

And so on.

All thanks to the Internet.

All thanks to:

And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with any of that.

Tis all good…

Except when it isn’t.

Except when you look at your own achievements through the lens of what you’ve seen others do.

Because then…

If you’re anything like me…

What you’ve done simply isn’t very good in comparison.

Chewing all of this over whilst Louis sniffed and whizzed I decided I was going to have a month long Internet fast.

I was going to close the door on watching what other folk are doing and achieving.

And instead simply focus on my own work.
And I felt happy.

Until it dawned on me that this solution couldn’t possibly work.

How come?

Because I spend large chunks of time exploring the Internet searching for new, interesting and proven ways to help you live and age well.

Fact is, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve started reading a blog post on one end of the Internet, they mention some research…

I jump over to check it out…

They mention some other source and I go and check that out…

And before you know it, I’m on the other side of the web looking at something in completely new and uncharted waters.

You know what the web’s like.

Realising this, I felt back at square one when Louis and I arrived home.

Giving him a quick bucket bath to clean his paws I decided it was time to call a friend and have a chat.

So I called my mate Jay and shared the thoughts in this post with him.

He listened and then said:

“I’m going to tell you something you already know, something I think I heard from you in fact…”

“Remind me” I said.

“The only healthy comparison is with yourself.”

He’s right of course and I did need reminding, because I’d forgotten this gem.

And I was suffering from an acute dose of ‘Compare and Despair’.

Everyone shows their best side on the Internet.

And you’re in very real danger if you forget this and compare what you’re doing – or your life – with what someone is showing you on FB or IG or whatever.

So remember…

And I’m talking to myself as much as I’m talking to you…

If you’re making progress in whatever you’re doing.

If you can look at where you were a few months back and see that you’re getting better…

Then you’re on the right path.



And if you want to make progress with your:

And fix the game of life so you can live and age well…

Make sure you’ve got this.

Bye for now


P.S. If you’ve already got a copy of this.

I strongly recommend you re-read it.

Because as I discovered yesterday, just because you ‘know’ something doesn’t mean it doesn’t help to be reminded of it.

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