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By Marcus Santer


Clarabella tells me today is my ‘unbirthday’.

And I’m guessing it’s probably yours too.

So very merry unbirthday to you =)

And in case you don’t know what an unbirthday is…

Check this out:

Right, I gotta be quick today, the joys of being a solo-preneur mean that if I don’t do the work, it don’t get done. And taking a day off yesterday means there’s plenty of catch up to do.

Which leads very nicely into today’s 45th birthday offer.

My 4th book: PERFECT Qigong: 7 Simple steps to a happier, healthier and longer life.

Or The PERFECT Qigong System (PQS) as I prefer to call it.

You see I couldn’t help noticing something back in 2013 when I first thought about creating it.

And what was it that I noticed?


I was simply drowning in information.

It seemed like whenever I bought a book, DVD or course there was a tsunami of non-essential information that came with it.

And it got me thinking.

Why not create a tool for people who want to practice Qigong – real authentic, skills based Qigong – as quickly as possible?

Just a:

Way to get to grips with the essential techniques and skills of Qigong ASAP.

Because the quicker you can grasp the techniques, the quicker you can start developing your Qigong skills.

And if there’s only one thing you remember about what I write…

Make it this:

It’s the skills of Qigong
that give you the benefits of Qigong.

So I took two decades worth of discovering what works and what doesn’t work in Qigong, ruthlessly stripped out anything that wasn’t essential and created the PERFECT Qigong System.

This is what you get (it’s a physical product and I always send it out with a tracking number so you can keep an eye on its progress to you):

And a data DVD packed:

As I’m fond of saying…

When it comes to Qigong:

So you don’t have to.

The PQS is the only guide to Qigong you’ll ever need.

It’s not available on Amazon, eBay or anywhere else…

You can only get it here.

But wait a minute…

Because that’s where I offer it for $97.

A stupidly low price when you consider the benefits it has to offer.

But for today and the rest of this week, you can benefit from my 45th Birthday celebrations and get 45 percent off the original price.

Click here to order the PERFECT Qigong System for $53

Once I receive your order:

And when I get back, I’ll email you the tracking number.

So you can keep an eye on it’s speedy progress to you.

Okay, I’m outta here.

You on the other hand should get yourself a copy of the PQS.

Bye for now


P.S. It took me 20 years to create the PERFECT Qigong System…

How come?

Well, I spent 7 years practicing Qigong form and getting nowhere fast…

And when I finally did find authentic Qigong, it took me 8 years to develop the 7 steps of the PERFECT Qigong…

And it took me another 5 years to be able strip out all the non-essential information and leave in only the good stuff that gets results…

The result is the PERFECT Qigong System and it’s only for people who want to get to grips with skills focused Qigong ASAP.

It’s simple, direct and powerful…

… It’s lean: If it was a car it’d be an Ariel Atom…

… It’s quick: if it was a plane it’d be a North American X-15…

… And it packs a punch: If it was a boxer it’d be Sam Langford…

And for the rest of this week only…

You can get it with 45 percent off right here.

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