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The embarrassing thing Louis did this morning…

By Marcus Santer

Me and the Pook where out earlier than usual this morning.

Pook is Louis pet name.

Along with Pooky, Mooky, Spooky and anything else which rhymes with Pook.

But why were we out early?

Because I got fed up waiting for my Japanese green tea to reach a cool enough temperature to drink.

So we got to the builders Portakabin 15 minutes earlier than usual.

And the Pook was off his lead.

Big mistake.

You see, we all have various amounts of social contact we need.

And it is a need.

Now I only need a thimble full and I get it from my family.

But the Pook?

Well, let’s just say he’s Yang to my Yin.

He needs an ocean full.

And he gets it anywhere and everywhere he can.

As far as he’s concerned he loves everything and everyone in the world… And they love him too.

Probably not a bad way to move through the world.

So you can imagine his delight when he saw the group of builders stood outside the cabin having their morning tea and cigarette.

Oh yes.

He was like a pinball bouncing around from builder to builder.

They loved it.

The Pook loved it.

I didn’t.

And I especially didn’t love it when it became apparent Pooky had no intention of quitting and I had to go and get him.



Hmmm, must be talking about a different kinda dog.

Anyway, I finally managed to extract him and we were on our way again.

Oh well, Louis got his fix of social connection for the morning and he’ll do it all over again this afternoon on the golf course…

I can hardly wait =)

Whilst were on the subject of sociability…

The headline:

“Loneliness as bad as obesity and heavy smoking”

May seem outrageous but there’s a truth to it.

Key point?

You’re a social animal and when it comes to how much social contact you need, you might be on the Pooky side of the scale or you might me on my side – the hermit.

But make no mistake you’re on that scale somewhere.

Now social connection is just one of the essential ingredients you need to live and age well.

To discover the other 13… Refer to the ZEN+ In A Nutshell graphic on page 195 of my book:

ZEN+ The Art and Science of Living Healthier for Longer

Bye for now


P.S. Please keep in mind…

There really is no secret to living and ageing well.

The research has already been done:

And more.

Whilst the results come in many different flavours, the core ingredients are always the same.

And you’ll find them covered and explained in my ZEN+ book.

Only available here.

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