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The daily activity that can be as stressful as skydiving

By Marcus Santer

Ask anyone who knows me well, how I feel about driving…

And they’ll tell you I don’t enjoy it.

I’m good at it… Of course.

I’ve been doing it since I was 17.

And I passed my driving test – first time – after only 10 lessons.

But it’s an activity that can very quickly and easily overfill my stress cup.

And whilst rummaging through my old notebooks looking for something interesting and useful to write for you today I found a reference to a study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT.

Done back in 2013 – with the help of Audi – they found driving a car can be as stress-inducing as skydiving.

They recorded:

And found they were similar to those recorded from a person jumping out of a plane.

So what?

Well, you’ve a choice about skydiving, but probably not about rush hour driving.

And when it comes to managing stress I recommend you focus on:

All of which are covered in great detail in my ZEN+ Home Study Course.

Truth is, stress is a normal part of life.

And your body is well equipped to handle short term acute stress.

Trouble is, most of the stress you experience happens on a regular daily basis and easily becomes chronic stress.

And if it’s not managed effectively it takes less and less to stress you out more and more.

It’s a very vicious circle.

But it can be broken.

Right, I’ve gotta go sit in the car with Clarabella whilst she gets some driving practice.

I know, I know.

If driving stresses me out, you can imagine how I feel supervising Clarabella =)

Thank heavens:

And I can do lots of slow deep breathing.

I think I’m ready.

Wish me luck =)

Bye for now


P.S. If you could use some tried and tested methods to effectively manage your stress.

And discover proven ways to help you:

Then I think you’ll find my ZEN+ Home Study Course of great value.

Why not pay it a visit now to find out more?

What’s the worst that could happen?

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