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The Crazy Sofa, A disappearing cat and Wet pants

By Marcus Santer

When I was a young boy growing up in the sticks of Yorkshire, we had this crazy sofa.

And I have fond memories of it.

Unlike most sofa’s this one had thick rubber bands supporting the seat cushions:

== Like this ==

It was a 3 seater sofa and each seat had 4 bands supporting the cushion.

Until the day I was pretending to be Steve Austin – The Bionic Man.

For some reason that escapes me now, I ended up running across the living room and launching myself onto the sofa. And in the process I snapped three of the bands and crashed to the floor.

I was fine.

But that part of the sofa was toast.

Desperate to avoid the telling off that was coming, I sneakily pulled out the dead bands and positioned the one remaining band so it would just support the seat cushion.

To the casual glance, the sofa looked fine.

That evening when my family gathered around to watch 1 of the 3 available channels on TV, I thought I’d got away with the damage, because nobody had sat on the booby trapped cushion.

Until the cat came in.

She sauntered into the room, the way cats do, saw the vacant seat, jumped up onto it and disappeared down the back of the sofa as the cushion flipped on it’s single band.

It’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

And then I had some explaining to do.

Some time later – Sofa fixed up again.

My Auntie B paid us a rare visit.

I remember her laughing so hard at something she ended up peeing herself and soaking one of the cushions on the sofa.

It was all really rather funny.

Though for months, nobody wanted to sit on that particular cushion…

And it’s my Auntie B I’d like to tell you a little more about today.

You see she had Type 1 Diabetes (T1D).

As a kid I was fascinated watching her inject her insulin, she was quite a character. A tough old bird, but cool with it.

She loved to travel and she never let her T1D stop her.

I remember meeting up with her whilst I was travelling around S.E.Asia and she was having a really rough time. She had this machine she used to measure her blood sugar levels, so she could work out how much insulin to inject.

But she kept having hypoglycemia – dangerously low blood sugar levels.

Which meant you had to get carbohydrates into her whilst she was very uncooperative. It was quite frightening to be honest, but she took it in her stride. When she returned back to the UK, she discovered the machine she was using to tell her how much insulin to take was faulty.

I remember her joking about it when she told me later.

She died in August 2010, from something linked to her T1D. I don’t remember what, I just remember she was dead before she hit the floor.

If you’ve got to die, I guess quickly is best.

I miss my Auntie B, she was quite a lady and I was honoured to deliver the eulogy at her funeral.

I’ve told you this story because I want to talk a bit more about diabetes.

Because whilst there was nothing my Auntie B could do to reverse her T1D, there’s lots you can do to reverse Type 2 Diabetes (T2D).

And to stop yourself getting it in the first place.

But I’m outta space and outta time, so you’ll have to join me tomorrow for that.

Bye for now


P.S. At my Auntie B’s funeral I was amazed at how many people were there.

She’d been busy and active her whole life.

She was a gifted artist.

I remember giving her a copy of the Lord of the Rings, it had a paragraph describing Gandalf the Wizard. And in a ridiculously short amount of time she’d drawn a breathtaking portrait of him.

I mean I knew she was good at art, she taught it to school kids, but until then I’d never known she was that good.

Anyway, there was nothing she could do about her T1D but manage it.

T2D – now that’s a different matter.

Make sure you tune in for tomorrows Z+D because I’ve got some hot news for you.

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