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The biggest problem with most unhealthy food is…

By Marcus Santer

Do you know what the biggest problem with most unhealthy food is?

It tastes so damn good.

And as a result it’s very easy to overeat it.

Of course these foods are engineered to be as tasty as possible, it didn’t happen by accident.

And because there’s an abundance of great tasting food, easily available around the clock and pretty much anywhere you go – from the corner shop to the petrol station – eating when you’re not hungry has become a major problem.

New research published in the Journal of the Association for Consumer Research found that eating when hungry is better for your health than eating when you’re not hungry.

No earth shattering discoveries there.

But how they did the study was interesting.

45 undergraduate students were asked to rate their level of hunger.

They then ate a carbohydrate rich meal.

The researchers measured the blood glucose levels of the participants at regular intervals after the meal.

In normal circumstances your blood glucose levels rise after a meal rich in carbs.

And – generally speaking – the lower this rise the better.


Because elevated blood glucose is harmful to your cells.

This study showed those who were moderately hungry before they ate experienced lower blood glucose level spikes after eating than those we weren’t hungry before eating.


Eating when hungry is better for you.

Personally I find I enjoy my food a whole lot more if I eat when hungry too.

I tell ya, when I break my 16 hour fast my:

Or whatever else I have for my breakfast tastes Grrrreat LOL =)

Right, it’s Ollie’s first day back at school after the long Crimbo holidays and he needs some moral support getting his ‘Back to School’ groove on.

So I’m outta here.

You on the other hand should check this out.

Bye for now


P.S. Eating when you’re not hungry doesn’t just effect your health it can also effect your waistline.

If this is something you’d like to know more about overcoming…

Check out this post I wrote.

Especially Dr Robinson’s suggestions towards the bottom of the post on emotional eating.

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