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The biggest danger on your supermarket shelves is…

By Marcus Santer

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About 13 years ago, when I was struggling to make a living from teaching Qigong, I got a job at a big supermarket.

And unlike the after school supermarket job I had at 15, this one had an employee induction program.


Part of the program was to watch a corporate video on health and safety.

You know, stuff like how to lift things up correctly, wash your hands and all that jazz.

And during one of the presentations I got to learn what the most dangerous thing in a supermarket was.

Can you guess what it is?


Would you like to know?

Okay then.

It’s a grape.

Straight up.

How come?

Well, once a grape hits the floor and gets squashed it is the enemy of friction.

And becomes one of the greatest slip hazards you can imagine.

For real.

So now you know what the most dangerous thing in the supermarket is…

… You can keep an eye out for it.

Now whilst I have your attention I’d like to tell you about the most dangerous mistake I see most people make when it comes to staying young and ageing well.

Can you guess what the mistake is?

Okay, I’ll tell you.

It’s focusing their valuable time, energy and money trying to work out which supplements to take instead of applying their efforts where they count the most.

You see, contrary to what others want you to believe…

There are no secrets to stacking the odds of a healthier, stronger and more independent life in your favour.


The habits proven to help you stay young your whole life are already known.

If you know where to look!

Which is where I can help.

I’ve spent the last 6 years finding them and ranking them in order of importance, so you can quickly focus your attention where it matters most and get maximum benefits in minimum time.

And I’m going to share these habits in great detail with you during my 7 Day Stay Young Boot Camp coming early October.

You’ll also discover how to avoid:

You’ll be able to do all this and a whole lot more after Octobers 7 day Stay Young Bootcamp.

More details here.

Bye for now


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