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The best time to exercise is…

By Marcus Santer

This question got raised during a discussion in the Fantastic Sleep February group.

“When is the best time to exercise?”

It’s a question I’ve never thought to ask and so I had no idea.

As I thought about this question I realised I’ve heard some people say::

I’ve also heard you should:

On the surface it all seems very confusing doesn’t it? So I decided to do a little bit of digging, fired up Google Scholar made a nice cup of coffee and went into research mode.

Here’s what I found…

Some evidence suggesting that:


It’s not really possible to pull any concrete facts from the research I found because the experiments had either been done on mice or had a very small data sample.

At least that’s the conclusion I reached.

And then last night whilst playing Minecraft with Ollie I remembered being asked a similar question about Qigong exercises.

Yes, who know the mysteries of how the mind works =)

You see the most common Qigong question I get is:

“What’s the best Qigong exercise?”

And my reply has always been:

“The one you practice regularly.”

And I think the same applies to exercise because there’s no doubt that exercising regularly gives you worthwhile benefits. You can take that to the bank.

So the question of:

“When’s the best time to exercise?”

Now becomes simple, with the answer being:

“When it works best for you.”

Do your own experiment and do your exercise at different times of the day to find out when it works best for you.

Very simple.

Very ZEN+

For more information on ZEN+ go here next.

Bye for now


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