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The Benefit Of Getting Out Of Your Head

The Sunday Quote:

“If you think it’s expensive hiring a professional
try hiring an amateur.”
Red Adair

Yesterday, after dropping Ollie off with my mum and dad I stopped off to fill the car up with fuel.

Ready for the 200 mile roundtrip to see my coach.

Last month, at the end of the session he’d asked me what I wanted to work on next?

And I replied:

It took me two hours to get to his house.

And after he’d made me a cup of coffee we sat down to get to work.

I’d thought we’d be at it for at least half a day.

I was wrong.

In 30 minutes I’d got:

  1. A solid way to start teaching ZEN+ workshops.
  2. An almost endless supply of Journal ideas.
  3. A blueprint for the ZEN+ Home Study Course.
  4. A plan for providing quality ZEN+ coaching.
  5. A simple way to improve the quality of the ZEN+ website.

And my coach summed it all up in 22 words.

Which I’m not going to share.

But to say I was gob-smacked is too much of an understatement.

I pay this guy a lot for coaching and as I looked at the notes I’d made I realised his fees are too cheap.

When I arrived at his apartment I was feeling stuck.

I didn’t know how to proceed.

I was feeling overwhelmed by what I saw as the journey ahead. I was tired simply thinking about it.

And in 30 minutes he’d solved it all.

Me being me, I told him all of this and asked him how he’d managed to do it?

He said: “I sat at my desk earlier in the week thinking about what you’d asked to work on. And as I started considering specific solutions, I realised you were missing something. That you were looking at this the wrong way around. The rest was simple.”

And that’s it folks.

Here are 3 valuable benefits of getting your thinking out of your own head and getting help from a professional:

  1. You get a completely different perspective on the challenge.
  2. You’re consumed by the problem, they’re not because they’re not as close to it.
  3. You benefit from their expertise and experience.

As I drove home I couldn’t have been happier.

Sure, I’d made a 200 mile roundtrip drive to see him (and I ain’t no fan of driving!) and I’d paid a significant chunk of change for his time, but what I gained in return was priceless.

Stay tuned because there are big things coming for ZEN+ and you’re invited.

But it all starts with the ZEN+ book.

And if you haven’t got the PDF version yet, you can still order it from this page.

Bye for now


P.S. If you’re one of the 225 folk who reserved the hard copy version of the book, or one of the 50 ZEN+ Journal subscribers who’s getting a complimentary copy…

I heard from the printer on Friday.

They told me it would be ready around the 23rd January.

I told them I’d been advised the 15th January.

They said they’d get back to me.

As soon as I have further news I’ll let you know.

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