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The Architect and the Apprentice

By Marcus Santer

Once upon a time, there lived a great Architect.

He was famed throughout the world for the amazing homes he’d designed and built for the uber-rich and famous.

For years he’d had an apprentice working for him.

He treated him like a son (having no family of his own) and taught him everything he knew about designing breath-taking dream homes and perhaps more importantly, what it took to get them built.

One day the Architect asked the Apprentice to meet him in his office.

He explained he was going on a long trip to Europe and he needed his apprentice’s help. Because he’d just received a commission to build the most important home of his life.

“But why can’t you oversee the project?” The Apprentice asked.

“Because I’ve been planning this trip to Europe for a long time and I believe you’re ready to fly solo.”

“What? You mean you want me to complete this important project all on my own?” Said the Apprentice.

“It’s time my friend. You will have complete autonomy on this project. Money is no object on this build so spare no expense, hire who you like and let your imagination run riot. Take everything I’ve shown you over the years and create a masterpiece for me. I know you can do it.” Said the Architect.

The Architect set sail for Europe the very next day.

And the Apprentice went to work.

Now nobody’s exactly certain when it happened. Maybe there wasn’t a clear turning point.

But the Apprentice started to cut corners.

Because the Architect wasn’t overseeing his work and supervising him, he began turning up to the site late and leaving early. He allowed the builders to use inferior materials and give less than 100% effort.

Short cuts were taken and the Apprentice found easier (and inferior) ways of getting bits of the project completed.

All of which harmed the overall quality of the home being built.

But in spite of all of that, the home was finally finished.

And it was average.

The next day the Architect made a surprise visit to view the completed project.

He walked around the home, inside and out, with the Apprentice.

At the end of the tour, the Apprentice and the Architect stood outside the front door.

The Architect put his hand in his pocket and pulled out the keys, passed them to the Apprentice and said:

“Here you are, here are the keys to your home. What you didn’t realise was, you weren’t building a home for a client, you were building your home. You built it and now you have to live in it.”

The Apprentice was shocked, because he knew he’d done a half-assed job. He knew he’d cut corners, taken short cuts and given far less than his best.

And the moral of this story?

You’re building your life with every decision you make.

Every shortcut you take, every corner you cut, every time you give less than your best effort you’re building an average, mediocre life.

And you will have to live in the reality you build.

Now if you don’t like what you see… If you don’t like the home you’re building… If you don’t like your health, your wealth, your relationships or any aspect of your life…

Now is the time to tear it down and rebuild it.

And if you need assistance formulating a plan to help you build a new and better life.

You’ll find this of great value.

Bye for now


P.S. Credit for the original idea for this story goes to the awesome Les Brown.

I simply put my own spin on it.

I wish I’d heard it years ago, because I’ve found it to be true:

Half-assed effort gives half-assed results

In all areas of your life.

The solution is simple:

  1. Find a plan proven to give the results you want
  2. Put your full effort into working the plan
  3. Get the results

Simple, but not easy.

Now get to work.

Become the Architect of your better life.

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