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The 4 important landmarks of learning…

By Marcus Santer

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This morning whilst out walking with Louis I realised it’s been a while since I wrote anything about Qigong…

So I thought I’d share an email I got last week from a Qigong Secrets Home Study Course student.

Here’s what Doug asked, and as usual…

My comments will follow.

***Dougs Email***

I am trying to be as dedicated as possible to your course, but still struggle with ‘entering a chi gung state of mind.’ It try my damndest to relax both physically and mentally, but find it very difficult to switch everything off. Any suggestions.


Here’s my reply:

The important landmarks in learning anything…

Hey Doug,

Lovely to hear from you.

And congratulations!

How come?

Well, you’ve progressed from ‘Unconscious incompetence’ to ‘Conscious incompetence’.

It’s an important landmark in learning anything.

Before the Qigong Secrets Home Study Course (QSHSC) you didn’t know how hard it is to ‘switch everything off’ and enter a Qigong state of mind (QSoM).

Once you started to practice, you quickly became aware of how hard it is for you to do.

So what happens next?

You continue your practice.

And you remind yourself that you’re going through a process everyone goes through when learning something new.

Learning new stuff can be a struggle, which is why I believe most people won’t voluntarily learn anything new as soon as they leave school.

But the struggle is worth it.

And if you keep up your practice, you’ll eventually progress to the third landmark in learning.

And what’s that?

‘Conscious competence’.

At this stage you’ll be able to enter a QSoM, and you’ll be able to relax physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually (PEMS – I love acronyms!).

Though you’ll still have to put forth some effort in to get there.

But eventually…

Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly…


If you keep up your practice, you’ll reach the 4th stage.

And that’s ‘Unconscious competence’

With regards to Qigong… That’s ‘rare air’ my friend.

You’ll be able to relax PEMS…

…You’ll be able to enter a QSoM in a single breath…

…And you’ll get even better benefits from your practice.

Now you might be wondering how long it takes?

And the answer is…

…It varies.

For some people the journey through the four landmarks of learning is quick, for others it’s slow and for most people it’s somewhere in-between.

But it always requires consistent practice over time.

And that was my reply to Doug.

If you’d like to learn Shaolin Qigong – like Doug and the 1,126 folk (at last count) from 49 countries who’ve taken my Qigong Secrets Home Study Course since I created it in 2010…

You can get a 2-week test drive for just $4.95 here.

Bye for now


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