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The 4 common behaviours of long-term weight loss maintainers…


By Marcus Santer

My favourite quote from this weeks research:

“… long term weight loss maintenance is possible,
but requires persistent adherence to a few key health behaviours.”
J. Graham Thomas PhD.

Imagine having access to a database of over 10,000 folk.

Folk who’ve successfully lost a stack of fat and kept it off for a long period of time.

Do you think you might find a few valid fat loss facts?

Facts which could help you or someone you know to seriously stack the odds of successfully losing excess fat and keeping it off?

Yeah, I think so too.

Because success on such a large scale leaves clues.

Fortunately there is such a resource and it makes for fascinating research.

It’s the National Weight Control Registry.

Established in 1994 it’s become the largest prospective investigation of successful weight loss and maintenance.

To be eligible to become a member you must have:

Here’s a few findings directly from the NWCR:

Interesting huh?

And all the more valuable because the NWCR isn’t trying to sell you some:

Or fad way to blast off fat =)

Back in January 2014 J. Graham Thomas et al published a study called: Weight-Loss Maintenance for 10 Years in the National Weight Control Registry.

It’s purpose was to study successful weight losers over a 10 year period to see what effect behaviour change had on their continued success.

There were 2,886 people in the study.

Whilst the findings are limited by the fact it was an observational study (i.e. not the result of controlled intervention and thus can’t be used to establish cause and effect) they still strongly suggest that adherence to a few key health behaviours can significantly contribute to long-term weight loss.

Don’t worry I’ll tell you what they are in just a minute…

But first, here’s the results of the study:

So now…

The answer to the million dollar question:

What are the key behaviours that will help you or someone you know to significantly lose fat and keep it off?

I’m tempted to say that I’ll reveal them in this months edition of The ZEN+ Journal.

Because it’s the kind of information I share each month with it’s readers.

But not today…

So here they are the common behaviours of weight loss maintainers:

  1. 90 percent of them on average engage in regular physical activity – About an hour a day with the most common activity being walking.
  2. Self weighing – They weigh themselves at least once a week
  3. Over 80 percent of them consume a diet proportionally low in fat (below 30 percent of total kcal) and high in carbohydrate (approx 50 percent of total kcal)
  4. Avoid over eating – Remember the 80 percent rule

So there you have it.

Fact not fiction.

Much of the research from the NWCR flies in the face of fad and celebrity endorsed diets.

So who are you going to listen to?

The findings from over 10,000 successful weight losers…

Or some doctor or celeb trying to flog you something?

I know who I’ll put my money on.

And if you found this post of interest and value – if you didn’t I’m not sure what’s wrong with you – then it’s the kind of thing you can expect to find every month in The ZEN+ Journal.

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And it’s a game changer.

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Anyway, it’s Saturday and I want to get some knife making practice in.

Bye for now


P.S. I know, I know…

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