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The 3 Real lessons you can learn from your Paleo ancestors…

By Marcus Santer

You know I’m a really lucky guy.

And I’m lucky to have some of the coolest people on the planet as ZEN+ Journal readers.

They regularly send me links to interesting research and studies examining how to stack the odds of a longer, healthier and happier life in your favour.

Makes my life a whole lot easier I can tell ya.

And I’d like to give a shout out once again to ZEN Beast Pedro for coming to my rescue whilst I play catch up from my week in Norway.

He sent me a link to this video:

Debunking the Paleo diet by archaeological scientist Christina Warinner – an expert on ancient diets.

She works out what our ancestors actually ate by examining bone biochemistry and DNA.

And for those of you who’ve been busy with other things and have no idea what the Paleo diet is all about here’s a quick run down…

The Paleo diet in a nutshell: The key to health, vitality and longevity is to stop eating the modern agricultural diet and go back over 10,000 years in time to eat like our ancient palaeolithic ancestors.

Christina does a good job of ‘myth busting’ some of the archeological concepts the modern Paleo diet is built upon.

It’s a very interesting video and if you’ve got 22 minutes spare today, it’s well worth a watch.

Now the part I enjoyed the most was Christina’s summing up of the real lessons we can learn from the diet of our Paleo ancestors.


1) Eat Diversity – There’s no one correct diet, but dietary diversity is important. Especially today as modern processed supermarket food is mainly made up of corn, soy and wheat.

2) Eat Fresh – Eat foods in season when possible

And perhaps most importantly…

3) Eat Whole Food – There are dangers associated with decoupling the whole food from the nutrients inside it. And by eating refined, processed foods we can easily override and confuse the mechanisms we’ve evolved to let us know when we’re full and have eaten enough.

Christina gives the following example:

Question: How much sugar cane would your palaeolithic ancestor have to eat to get the same amount of sugar in a 34 oz (1005ml) bottle of soda?

Answer: 8.5 feet (111cm).

If you’ve ever looked at a piece of sugar cane and how densely packed it is… You’ll know it would be impossible to eat that much.

But today you can consume the equivalent amount of sugar in 30 minutes.

​Food for though huh?

Right, I’m outta here.

Hopefully by the end of the week I’ll be fully back on track.

Bye for now


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