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The 3 best callisthenic exercises you need to be doing

By Marcus Santer

Using callisthenics to build strength is an important part of the ZEN+ program.

Because if you want to stack the odds of a healthier, longer and more active life in your favour… You need to do some strength building work.

How come?

Here’s 4 good reasons:

Stronger = More independent – It’s estimated that if you don’t do any exercise you will loss 30 to 50 percent of your muscle mass between the ages of 40 to 80. As a result your strength weakens, you’re less able to carry out everyday tasks and you’re more likely to be frail and dependent on others in your old age.

Stronger = easier – When your strength increases the relative intensity of any task decreases. From lifting your grandchildren up to improving the efficiency of your heart and lungs.

Stronger = safer – Strong muscles help to maintain good posture and make you less prone to slips and falls.

Stronger = healthier bones – Stronger muscles keep tension on the bones causing them to grow thicker and stronger. Which can help to reduce your risk of fractures.

Now you know why actively building strength – at any age – is so important, let me share with you 3 of the best callisthenic exercises to get you strong.

1) The Squat – Crowned the king of all lower body exercises because it:

Pretty impressive huh?

2) The Push Up – One of the ultimate upper body exercises. Practiced correctly they:

3) The Pull Up – These are hard work, so your progression through the various exercises in this group will be slower. But stick with it and you can expect:

These 3 callisthenic exercises form the core of the ZEN+ strength building program.

It’s incredibly simple.

Because you’ve got:

  1. Squat
  2. Push
  3. Pull

And when you strengthen your ability to do these three activities, you’ll find it benefits every area of your life in ways you’ve yet to experience.

And it doesn’t matter how strong you are when you start because each of the exercises I’ve listed can be made easier or harder depending on your ability. From coach potato to ZEN Beast and everyone in-between, there’s a place for you to get started on building strength.

I’ll explain more in tomorrows ZEN+ Daily because it’s time for Louis morning walk.

Bye for now


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