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Talked about, but never seen or done… Until today

By Marcus Santer

I‘m in a rush…

Lot’s to do before I take Clarabella to Westpoint in Exeter.

It’s a place where they hold a lot of shows and exhibitions, but they also have a driving test track.

It’s got:

The works.

And it’s a great opportunity for learner drivers to practice driving on the road, without having to deal with other road users.

And because I’m going to be spending the morning there, it means I’m short on time for today’s Z+D.

So I’m going to share a thought I had while out with Louis this morning.

As we popped out of the end of Secmaton Lane, we spied a dog in the distance.

Now as I’ve probably mentioned before…

There’s only 1 dog that Louis doesn’t like, but there are plenty of dogs that don’t like Louis =)

And I wasn’t sure about this one.

I kinda recognised it, but wasn’t able to remember if it was a friend or foe.

So I kept a respectable distance…

Just in case.

And then something interesting happened.

Something Clarabella and I have talked about, but never seen and never done.

As the dog in front went to ‘drop the kids off’ on the grass, his walker leaned over with a poo-bag, held it under the dogs behind and caught the crap before it even touched the earth.

Like I said, Clarabella and I have wondered about the merits of doing this.

Especially when some of Louis attempts resemble spicy curry sauce more than big fat cigars…

If you know what I’m saying.

So I was intrigued watching this dog owner.

But what really bothered me was her posture.

They were all twisted up, weight was distributed way out of centre of gravity, bending at the waist – I tell ya, it made my back hurt just looking at her.

I wanted to tell the lady to bend her knees, but such advice seemed inappropriate under the circumstances.

But seriously…

If her dog fertilises the earth as much as Louis, and she adopts that kinda posture on a regular basis, she’s heading for bad back hell.

And it’s so unnecessary.

All she’d have to do is bend her knees, squat down next to her dog and hold the bag for it to lay cable in.

No back injury risk.

I see this all over.

By bending at the waist!

Listen up.

Evolution gave you knees for a reason.

So you can pick things up safely from below knee level.

Whether it’s a brick, your dogs mess or anything else.

Now I get it…

Years of sitting on your gluteus-ass-maximus for hours on end…

Day after day…

Year after year…

And not getting down on your hands and knees recently might mean the idea of a full ass-to-the-grass squat might not be easily achievable.

Well fear not.

Back in May 2014 I shared The ZEN+ Squat Chain with my Journal readers.

5 links of gradually increasing difficulty to take you from not being able to squat to squatting like a pro.

It had written instructions with pictures.

And over 12 minutes of video leaving you in no doubt as to what to do and how to do it.

Up until today back issues of The ZEN+ Journal have only been available to Journal subscribers. But with the festive season fast approaching I’ve decided to open up the purchase of back issues to readers of the ZEN+ Daily.

And see what happens.

So to get a snapshot of what I’ve been writing in the ZEN+ Journal for the last 33 months…

Take a look here.

Bye for now


P.S. Make me a promise?

Use your knees more.

Next time you stroke your dog, pick something up off the floor, tie your shoe laces and so on…

Bend at the knees to get down to the floor.

And if you need help getting the full squat…

Get a copy of May 2014’s ZEN+ Journal.

Best do it now though, because I reserve the right to go back to offering back issues of the Journal to active subscribers only…

Whenever I feel like it.

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