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Study shows –> 9,000 different species of microbes in your home

By Marcus Santer

I was chatting with Clarabella over a cup of Japanese green tea yesterday when I heard about I’m going to share with you today.

It was a report on BBC Radio 4.

The starting point for many of the ZEN+ Dailies I share with you.

And when I finished my tea, I cranked up Google and went hunting for the study.

You’ll find it here.

But I’ve collected the main points below for you if you’re short on time:

Here’s what the researchers found:

This study is part of a citizen science project called: The Wild Life in Our Homes

And what they’re finding is a very diverse ecosystem of microbes.

Fascinating stuff.

And nothing to get hung up about.

After all microbes are a fact of life – always have been.

For example…

There are 10 times more microbes living on you and in you than there are human cells in your body.

Let that sink in.

Because you’re right.

It does mean you’re more microbial than human.

You also have between 500 – 1,000 different bacterial species of microbes living in your gut alone.

And they’re well-being is essential to your well-being.

Because an abnormal gut environment is linked to:

Oh yeah, the microbes in your gut do a darn sight more than simply help you digest your food.

Now back in March this year, I had the very good opportunity to discuss gut health with international authority on the subject: Dr Emma Allen-Vercoe.

You can watch her TED talk here.

I really do consider myself very fortunate to have been able to discuss gut health with her directly.

Not to mention she made me realise science deals in uncertainty.

And during our discussion I also discovered:

  1. A better understanding of the microbes, bacteria and fungi living in and on your body
  2. The 3 things your microbes want
  3. The one improvement I’d make to the human body
  4. A visual display of the human microbiome – The various microbial communities that live in and on your body
  5. Current scientific thinking on how to sustain and protect your gut health
  6. Dr Emma’s view on probiotics – Probiotics are a multi-billion dollar industry but do you need them? Are they beneficial?
  7. Dr Emma’s views on candida and candida die off.
  8. Links to further research

By the time we’d finished our talk and I typed it up, it stretched over 14 pages of A4 paper.

And you can find it in The Vault section of the Silver Members area in the ZEN+ Home Study Course.

Along with 21 other exclusive lessons on living and ageing well for you.

Become a member today.

Bye for now


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