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Stay Young 7 Day Bootcamp

By Marcus Santer

stay young 7 day bootcamp mind map

What if I told you there was a set of habits proven to help you stay young and age well?

What if I told you these habits are tried, tested and as guaranteed as you can get in this life, to let you stack the odds of a healthier, happier and more independent long life in your favour?

And what if I told you these habits were simple, direct and can be put into practice without having to buy any expensive gizmo’s or gadgets, pills or potions?

Hard to believe?


But I’m not asking you to believe anything without evidence.

All I ask is you refrain from disbelieving and join me for my 7 day Stay Young Bootcamp… Where I’ll reveal the proof of what I say.

Here’s an overview of the material I’ll be sharing with you:

Stay Young 7 Day Bootcamp

Day 1: Prevention prevents premature death

Day 2: Sleep isn’t a luxury it’s essential for healthy ageing.

Day 3: The importance of friends and family

Day 4: How to eat right and stay young

Day 5: How exercise delays the ageing process

  1. Test 1: Safety first test.  Are you fit to exercise safely?
  2. Test 2: The Sitting Rising Test

Day 6: How to manage stress effectively

Day 7: The truth about supplements

Each day of the 7 Day Stay Young Bootcamp will follow the same format:

  1. An Introduction video – This short video will set the scene for the material you and I will explore today
  2. The Content video – This is the meat of each day. In this video I’ll present my proof from 6 years researching the truth about staying young and ageing well.
  3. A ‘Challenge’ video – Each day I will set you a challenge to help you start implementing each habit into your life.
  4. Downloads and helpful resources – Because I want to make it as easy for you as possible to embrace the 7 stay young habits, I’ll be sharing further videos, sound recordings and documents to help you master each health packed habit.
  5. References – Each day I will provide you with a list of the references I’ve used to back up every claim and statement I make. You should never take anything, anyone says (including me) as ‘truth’ until you’ve checked it out for yourself. This list of references will allow you to dig deeper and confirm the validity of what I will share with you each day.

What Next?

The Stay Young 7 Day Bootcamp will start in October 2017 and cost $97.

Doors will open for registration next week and Early Bird discounts will be available.

Stay tuned.

Bye for now