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Standing on the edge of Double Darkness

By Marcus Santer

I hope your Christmas day was better than mine.

It started off well enough.

Ollie got up w — a — y too early for his parents who could’ve done with an extra hour of sleep.

We did the presents thing.

And I decided to take another dose of my own medicine and have a day off work. Yesterday marked the first day since July 2011 that I haven’t sent a daily email out.

And then it all kinda went downhill from there.

As you may recall, I dragged my mate Jay down to Devon to help me set up Ollie’s new state of the art gaming PC system.

Well, turns out that was the easy part.

Ollie not only wanted to play the PC version of MineCraft, but he wanted to inject modifications into it too.

Back in the day we’d call them cheats.

These ‘Mods’ mean you can do cool stuff you can’t ordinarily do in the game.

Maybe I’m just getting old, or maybe I’m developing an allergic reaction to doing things I have no desire to do? I don’t know. But as I stood there trying to work out how to ‘Mod’ MineCraft I realised I stood on the edge of…

Double Darkness

What’s that you ask?

Double darkness: When you don’t know what you don’t know.

It’s the mental equivalent of standing at the foot of Mount Everest looking up and thinking: ‘How on earth do I get up there?’

Several hours later I’d worked it out.

But not before Clarabella had to come into the room and throw a bucket of cold water over me.

I tell ya, if someone had of been selling a clearly written guide on how to put mods into MineCraft I’d have bought it. Even if they were charging 50 quid for two pages of notes.

Because I wasted so much time and lost so much hair on solutions that:

  1. Didn’t work.
  2. Made things worse – at one point I killed the game I’d paid £17 for trying one solution and had to re-install.
  3. Were simply a waste of time.

Before I stumbled upon a solution that was more luck than design.

And you see that’s the double edged sword you call the Internet.

The information you’re looking for is out there and you can usually get it for free.


Unless you enjoy:

You’re always better off buying information.

And if you’re looking for tried and tested, backed by science ways to not only live a longer life, but live a healthier life too…

I suggest you pre-order a copy of the ZEN+ book.

I ran out of slots on the 23rd, but was able to add another 25 books to my order before the printer shut down for Christmas.

Why only 25?

Because 275 books is more than enough for me to sign, pack, and post.

Once these books have sold, you’ll only be able to buy the PDF version. Because going through this process has reminded me what a total time suck selling and packing real books is.

So if you haven’t pre-ordered your copy yet, don’t sit on the fence any longer.

Reserve your copy here.

Bye for now


P.S. Wish me luck…

Ollie wants me to do another Mod for him today.

But not really knowing how I pulled it off yesterday, means I’m going to go through the same trials today.

I guess it’s all part of being a dad.

And for that I am truly grateful.

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