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Something Horrible for Halloween…

By Marcus Santer


Something woke me in the wee small hours this morning.

A horrible sound.


Nothing for a few seconds and then…


On and on it went.

It sounded like a wet, heavy weight collapsing to the floor.


A few seconds and then…


Over and over again.

The sound was driving me insane, so I got out of bed searching for it, but try as I might I couldn’t locate it.

And then I noticed as I changed direction the sound either got louder or quieter.

Like a game of hotter/colder.

And finally I homed in on the source of the noise.

It was coming from my Woffice.

I took a deep breath, grit my teeth and burst into the room, baseball bat in hand..

And there, sitting at my desk, lit by the ghostly glow of the computer screen was a cloaked figure.

It’s head turned towards me and I cursed as I saw the bleached bones of a skull underneath the hood.

Gazing into it’s eyeless sockets I knew I was staring Death in the face.

And some how I swear Death was smiling.

Raising a boney finger it pointed at my screen and then disappeared.

No trace it had ever been there.

Walking slowly towards the computer I looked at the document Death had written and suddenly everything made sense.

Here’s what Death had typed:

I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand to attention as I realised what the thudding noise was.

It was the sound of people dropping dead all over the world from avoidable causes.

I noticed a link at the bottom of the document and clicked it.

Reading the report it brought up I realised Death’s figures are projected to increase.

Because these largely avoidable diseases are being driven by:

But the real horror is that nearly three quarters of these avoidable deaths affect low and middle income countries.

As I continued reading I heard Death laughing in the distance and I was nearly overwhelmed by the tidal wave of unnecessary death.

And despair threatened to swallow me.

But I clung to the knowledge that there are no secrets to living and ageing well, and I resolved to do my bit to prevent as many early deaths as possible.

So if you’re reading this…

And if you’ve been lucky enough to win the lottery of life and be born in a high income country then you’re in a strong position to make Death wait a lot longer for you.

But if you’re not crystal clear on exactly what to do…

This will help.

Bye for now


P.S. Okay, so this is a story I made up for Halloween, but my figures are true.

They’re taken from The World Health Organisations, Noncoumminicable diseases fact sheet: Updated January 2015
I simple converted them.

For example the ‘around 6 million deaths every year’ from tobacco equals:

Which equals one death every five seconds.

And NCD’s kill 38 million people every year with 16 million of these deaths happening before the age of 70.

And for those of us living in high income countries they’re very avoidable.

Click here to find out how

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