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Something For Fathers Day

By Marcus Santer

The Sunday Quote:

“It is not flesh and blood but the heart which makes us fathers and sons.”
Johann Friedrich Von Schiller

To all you Dad’s out there.

You have my kudos, respect and salutations.

It’s not easy being a dad is it?

I used to think I knew what fear was…

And then I became a father.

Tis funny, because I write a lot about the importance of sleep, but I don’t think I’ll ever sleep as soundly as I did before becoming a dad.

But maybe that’s just me?

I’m smiling as I write this because I can still vividly remember the day I drove Clarabella and Ollie home from the Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham.

As I messed around trying to get Ollie into his car seat for the first time I said…

“Isn’t a nurse or someone meant to come home with us for the first few days to show us what to do?”

And I meant it too.

Because at the time I could just about look after myself.

Now I was supposed to look after a baby too?

Well, 12 years on everyone’s still alive, so I guess me, Clarabella and Ollie got something right.

And whether you’re spending the day as a son, a daughter, or a Dad…


Bye for now


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