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So what are the 29 tools in the Smiling From The Heart book?

By Marcus Santer


In 2012 I published what I still consider to be my best book (so far).

Why do I think it’s the best?

Because it focuses exclusively on what I consider to be Qigong’s major gift to mankind.

And what’s that?

The ability to strengthen what I like to call your Emotional Immune System.

Here in the West we tend to only focus on the physical – which has many valuable benefits – but it does mean that when it comes to things like:

Well it’s a bit weak.

And looking back over 13 years of teaching Qigong I’ve had my major successes helping students to overcome the items in the list above.

Now then, Smiling From The Heart also got rave reviews from:

And the awesome Dr Roger Jahnke wrote the forward for it.

And I’ve a lot of respect for that guy, he opened my eyes to the difference between Imperial and Jeffersonian Qigong. Something that had a great healing impact on me.

Now I didn’t know it at the time, but Smiling From The Heart also turned out to be the prototype for my ZEN+ project.

Are you starting to see why I consider it to be my best book?

And yet, compared to my book Shaolin Chi Kung it’s as popular as a fart in a space suit.

I’ll never understand why.

But there you go.


It’s my birthday and like you I’ve got other things to be getting on with.

So here’s an answer to the question I got asked recently:

“What are the 29 simple Qigong healing techniques and non-Qigong tools you mention when writing about your book: Smiling From The Heart?”

Well, here they are:

Category 01 – Opening The Heart

  1. Emperor Walks Heart Opens
  2. Smiling >From the Heart
  3. Butterfly Dancing in Front of Flowers

Category 02 – Calming The Mind

  1. Walking
  2. Ultimate mind calmer
  3. Do something you enjoy
  4. Exercise
  5. Lift Arms Above Head
  6. Pray – Includes alone time, an appreciation of beauty, nature and so on.
  7. Listen to uplifting music
  8. Have a massage
  9. The Inner Journey
  10. The 3 core skills of Qigong

Category 03 – Generating Energy Flow

  1. Dancing Lohan
  2. Lifting The Sky
  3. Embrace Buddha
  4. The Be Happy Qigong Set

Category 04 – Non-Qigong tools

  1. Clarity
  2. Progress Chart
  3. HALT
  4. Don’t wrestle with pigs
  5. Perspective
  6. One Day at a time
  7. TCAR
  8. Gratitude
  9. The Emotional System Check (ESC)
  10. Not as it is, but as you are
  11. One Small Step

Category 05 – Other

  1. PERFECT – A tool to quickly learn skills focused Qigong (page 42)
  2. Core TCM principles (page 27)
  3. The only qualification you need for self worth (page 129)
  4. The most powerful Tool in the Universe? (page 125)
  5. The 4 step antidote to Worry

Hmm, I’ve just added that list up and it comes to 33 tools.

Hey, what can I say… I like to over deliver =)

Oh and I’ve also recorded videos for some of the more complex tools and included links to them in the book.

Just my way of trying to make your life a little easier.

And the best bit is, in Part 6 of Smiling From The Heart I’ll show you how to choose from the list above to create your very own, tailor made: Massive Action Plan or MAP

Use it and you too will discover why I refer to the information in this book as…

A drug free way to:

And increase your resistance to the stresses and strains of 21st Century life.

Moving on…

I hope you can see that Smiling From The Heart has a lot to offer you.

And with it being my 45th birthday today, I’d like to offer you a 45 percent discount on the usual retail price.

For the full blurb on this book go here

But don’t buy from there.

To get your copy of Smiling From The Heart at the special birthday discount rate…

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Right, I’ve got a birthday to celebrate =)

Bye for now


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