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Sick bucket on standby… (and something you don’t want to hear at 2am!)

By Marcus Santer

I very rarely go out on an evening.

I mean, why would you when your favourite people in the world live at home with you?

But I had an opportunity to go out with my mum and sister to an ‘Invitation Only‘ event last night and I really liked the idea of it.

It was a good chance to spend some time with them in a fun setting.

You see, as a preferred customer, my sister had got an invite to a special late night shop at John Lewis in Exeter.

And for those of you reading this outside of the UK…

John Lewis is an upmarket department store selling everything from fancy soap to cutting edge electrical equipment.

Plus I heard there’d be free mince pies… And I love me some mince pie =)

And it was a blast.

I had a great time and lots of fun and giggles with my mum and sister.

And then I got home…

Oh dear.

Clarabella looked like death warmed up.

I’d left the house before she’d got home from work.

And even though she’d texted me to let me know she wasn’t feeling too good. I wasn’t ready for the sight that greeted me.

Ollie, bless his heart, had done his best to look after mummy until I got back.

He’d decided the best thing he could do was to make her laugh and so he’d stuck ‘Citizen Khan‘ on for her.

Which I thought was a bloody good idea actually.

Distraction can be very powerful medicine when you’re feeling pants.

Long story short by 11pm Clarabella was writhing, groaning and yawning into the silver sick bucket.

I can handle most things.

But being with someone whilst they multicolour yawn is my Kryptonite.

Even longer story shorter…

Neither of us got any sleep last night.

Which makes me want to share two important points with you…

1. Work your routine

I’m not going to let something like no sleep ruin my daily practice.

Hell no.

Sure, I’m gonna take it easy.

I’m going to treat myself kindly.

And you might have noticed that this ZEN+ Daily is rather later than usual.

But the important daily stuff is still gonna get done.

Because that’s how you create a life worth loving…

One day at a time.

2. Treat sleep with the respect it deserves

I’ve had about an hours sleep.

In between saying: “There, there darling…” and rubbing Clarabella’s back whilst she’s sick.

And right now I feel like I’ve been beaten around the head and dropped a few IQ points.

But it brings into sharp focus just how important sleep is for your health.

If you want to function at your best – whatever that means to you – you cannot afford to be a cheap skate when it comes to sleep.

You’ve got to experiment.

You need to know what your sweet spot is, how many hours between 7 and 9 helps you to feel at your best?

You’ve got to know how to set up an awesome sleep routine.

You’ve got to schedule your sleep and stick to it like you would an appointment with your lawyer.


Look the ZEN+ project is all about making it crystal clear what you can do to stack the odds of a longer, stronger and happier life in your favour.

It focuses on 4 key areas:

  1. Zest for Life
  2. Exercise for Life
  3. Nutrition for Life
  4. + Mindset for Life

But if you were to only do one single thing.

One thing out of the 14 the ZEN+ project focuses on.

One thing that will give you the greatest return on your investment.

One thing that will make the biggest improvements in all of the 4 key areas of ZEN+

Getting fantastic sleep would be it.

I hope in my tired state I’ve done a good enough job of convincing you just how vital fantastic sleep is for you.

And if you’re the 1 in 3 people who regularly struggle to get fantastic sleep…

Then I recommend you invest in a copy of The Sleep Solution

My simple, 28 day program to help you sleep like a baby and wake up feeling refreshed and good to go.

You’ll find full details right here.

Right, I’m off for a NASA power nap.

Toodle Pip!


P.S. Opps I nearly forgot…

What’s the thing you really don’t want to hear at 2am in the morning?

It goes something like this:

“Marcus, I think I’ve pooped myself…”

Oh yeah.

Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Gotta love the sickness and diarrhoea bug!

P.P.S. Clarabella’s in bed fast asleep as I type this and she’s feeling much better.

P.P.P.S Get your copy of The Sleep Solution here.

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