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Schools out for Summer…

By Marcus Santer

I‘m feeling a little nervous…

Clarabella and Ollie are off school for the next 38 days.

So what you might be wondering?

Well, Clarabella and Ollie are my two most favouritist people in the whole wide world.

And they’re incredibly distracting.

All of which means – going by past experience – that my work output and focus is going to take a battering.

We’re all going to have to practice extra discipline.

Me – When they’re laughing, joking and larking around like a couple of loonies, I’m going to have to turn a deaf ear and focus on my work.

Ollie – When he gets stuck on a game, feels like having a chat or gets bored, he’s going to have to stay out of my Woffice.

Clarabella – When she hears something interesting on Radio 4, fancies a chat or needs a hand with something, she’s going to have to leave me be.

We’re all going to have to act like I’m not home.

And how are we going to do that?

Well, the only thing that’s ever proved effective in the past is this rule:

If my Woffice door is shut, you’re only allowed in if it’s to tell me the house is burning down and I need to get out.

And I’m gong to have to make sure I stick to my work routine.

It’s all about discipline.

When they stay up late and have lie ins – I’ve got to stick to my sleep pledge.
When they’re slobbing around or doing fun activities – I’ve got to stick to my exercise routine
When they watch movies and pig out on junk food – I’ve got to stick to eating right

And of course I’ve got to be flexible too.

I’m allowed to have fun.

But I’m not on holiday for 38 days.

And because I do all my own stunts… If I don’t do what needs to be done… It don’t get done.

So I’m going to have to be disciplined.


Isn’t rocket science.

But it is hard work.

And it usually just boils down to doing what others aren’t prepared to do.

Something I’ll talk about in more depth tomorrow.

Because now it’s time for Louis morning walk.

You on the other hand should be working out how you can get to Norway this October…

Full details here.

Bye for now


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