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By Marcus Santer


I went to the doctors yesterday for my annual Asthma Check.

I say annual, but it’s been 5 years since I last went.


But if there’s one thing I’ve learned from writing The Healthy Ageing Pyramid it’s this: Prevention is better than cure.

And one of the key ways to embrace prevention is by going for regular health check ups, especially when they’re free like they are here in the UK.


The nurse took my height and weight and calculated my BMI and was very happy with the result, I wasn’t surprised, but I was surprised they weren’t using the height to waist ratio, which researchers believe is a better predictor of health.

She took my peak flow measurement – for those who’ve never done this it involves taking a deep breath and blowing as hard as you can into a tube and trying to get the needle to fly as high up the device as possible.

A bit like one of those hit the bell stands at a country fair, except instead of using a sledge hammer to move the marker, you use your breath.

Great fun.

And my best of three recording was 670, soundly beating my previous score of 550 from my last check.

Yay me!

Finally we took my blood pressure, I can’t remember what it was but she was happy with the result.

And 20 minutes later I left with a gold star review.

Again, I’m not surprised…

But you can’t take the fact you feel okay as a sign that you are okay, which is why getting regular health checks is so vital.

In fact prevention is so vital to living longer and ageing better I chose to make it the most important habit in the HAP.

Habit #1: Develop a Prevention Mindset.

In this chapter you’ll discover:

And I’ll also tell you:

All of this can be found in the first chapter of my new book.

The Healthy Ageing Pyramid – The 7 Health Habits of the longest living people on earth

Coming January 2017.

Bye for now


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