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Remember this story the next time you visit the supermarket…

By Marcus Santer


I got home form Louis walk yesterday to find a small white card in the mail box.

I’d missed a delivery.

So I looked at the card to see what was going to happen next:

But no.

Apparently it would be available from 4pm at a local convenience store just a hop-skip and a jump away in Dawlish Warren.


At 4pm I went to the shop and handed the lady my delivery note.

And off she went to get my package.

Now, this local convenience store is like a 7-Eleven.

And as I continued waiting, I started looking around the counter and realised I was standing in a chocolate danger zone.

These things usually retail for 65p each, so 4 for £1 was a steal.

I was surrounded by a sea of highly tempting chocolate offers.

Now then, if you know me…

… You know I love my chocolate.

When it comes to food, it’s my Achilles Heel.

But the trouble with chocolate is it’s one of those every now and again foods.

Unlike fruit and veg which is all the time food.

And as the lady continued looking for my package I could feel my self discipline evaporating.

I mean, come on, I had a few £’s in my pocket.

And where would be the harm in getting a 4 pack (or two) of yummy chocolate?

Seconds began to feel like minutes as I wrestled with the urge to pull the trigger and grab a bucketful of empty calories. But fortunately I remembered something I’d written in my Healthy Ageing Pyramid book.

And I repeated it… like a kinda mantra.

And I felt calmer.

And finally the lady finally arrived with my package.

I smiled, said thank you, grabbed it and fled the building in a cold sweat.

I’m exaggerating of course.

But only a little.

Because the truth is I was sorely tempted to purchase a lot of chocolate for a couple of quid.

And what would have happened if I did?

Well, I’d get home, I’d put it in the cupboard and later that evening I’d eat one.

But, as the ancient Greek saying goes:

‘Know thyself’

And when it comes to chocolate, I know myself.

I know that I eat one bar and the taste, the feeling is so good it’s easy to eat another and then I tell myself, ‘well, I’ve blown it, so I might as well eat another one’ and before you know it I’ve eaten 700 calories and climbing.

Which is sobering because when you take a look at my huge, yummy salad (above), it contains around 550 calories.

And which do you think my body is going to benefit from most?


And that evening, as I went to the cupboard, there were no chocolate bars to be had and I didn’t have to exert any self discipline whatsoever.

I had an apple instead.

And it’s all because I remembered what I’d written on page 68 of The Healthy Ageing Pyramid (HAP) book.

Which is:

If it’s not in the cupboard you can’t eat it.

Because when you exercise self discipline in the supermarket or when ordering your food online you won’t have to exercise it later.

This is just one of the many tips I share in Health Packed Habit #4: ‘Eat like an adult’ that can help you to master the two steps required to make food simple again.

Hey, I don’t just write about this stuff y’know.

I practice what I preach.

I take my own medicine.

And if you want to discover the 7 health packed habits proven to help you stay young your whole life…

Better get a copy of the Healthy Ageing Pyramid book.

You won’t find it on Amazon, Kindle or eBay.

It’s only available here.

Bye for now


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