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Pay yourself first and spend the rest wisely

By Marcus Santer

If I had a coffee shop I’d call it: Dawlishious.

It would only serve:

And that’s it.

You’d pay for your food and drinks and they would be brought to your table by a super friendly member of staff who’d treat you like royalty.

Because you are – They’d know it was you paying their wages.

Each table would have some kind of board game printed on its surface, from chess to backgammon to snakes and ladders and everything in-between.

Game playing would be compulsory.

Mobile phone use would be limited to emergencies only.

It would be a haven.

A safe place.

Somewhere you could go to unwind amongst good company and be treated well.

In short it would be nothing like the vast majority of coffee shops I’ve encountered here in the UK. Where you’re forced to queue elbow to elbow like cattle. You stand like a tool, with all the other tools, waiting for your order to be made.

And then you have to go and fight for somewhere to sit.

Anyway, I know I’m dreaming but there you go.

I was in a very ordinary coffee shop on Monday when I overheard a couple in the queue talking about a book called: The Richest Man in Babylon.

I remember reading it.

One of the main things I recall about it is the idea of paying yourself first.

I could never get the hang of that.

Every penny I earned was already spoken for by the time it arrived in my bank account.

And because of where my head was at back then, I usually proceeded to spend more money on credit cards and increase my overdraft.

I never paid myself first.

I still don’t.

These days, I pay the charity handling my debt first and have been doing each month for nearly 5 years now. And I’m delighted to say that by May I should be debt free.

I know, I’m proud of myself too.

And I’ve learned some very powerful lessons about money.

But you know what?

Whilst it’s taken me decades to get a grip on money and my relationship to it.

Time has always been a very different matter for me.

I got a handle on that bad-boy very early on.

Many years ago I remember calculating how many minutes there are in a day:


And I pictured each minute as being £1.

Each day you and I get £1,440 to spend as we see fit.

Trouble is you can’t save any of it. It’s all gone by the end of the day. Though I believe by investing it in ZEN+ activities you can enjoy it for more years in the form of a longer life and hence more days of being given £1,440.

Now how you spend yours is up to you.

But I recommend you pay yourself first.

What do I mean?

I like to start each day by spending my first £60 on me.

And so on.

I never spend it on work.

And you don’t have to start with 60 if that’s too rich for you.

Surely you can invest 15 a day on yourself.

When I was the Qigong guy, I could never understand why people were unable to invest 15 on their Qigong practice each day.

But I’m outta space.

So let me simply sum up by saying:

Your time is more precious than money.
Pay yourself first and spend the rest wisely.

Bye for now


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