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Oh, you mean this secret weapon for feeling awesome everyday?

By Marcus Santer

February 1st 2015 a handful of brave pioneers rallied to my call and joined me on a 28-day adventure of self experimentation.

Because it was February…

Because we were experimenting with sleep…

And because I like WoW words I called it:

Fantastic Sleep February

I created a Facebook Group and for 28 days we met up and swapped ideas, shared information and gently held each other accountable.



You see, it quickly became obvious that the key to fantastic sleep was changing our relationship with it and then drawing a line in the sand about how much sleep we were going to get each day.

We called it: The Pledge.

And each day we aimed to uphold it. And the Fantastic Sleep February (FSF) group helped each other along so we could experience the benefits of fantastic sleep which include:

  1. Tissue growth and repair
  2. The restoration of energy
  3. The release of vital hormones into your blood
  4. Helping the brain to cleanse itself
  5. Waking up refreshed and good to go

To name a few.

I didn’t realise until writing up the experiment and turning it into the 28-Day Sleep Solution Program – just how vital The Pledge was.

But I do now.

Let me explain…

Over the years many of us have developed poor sleeping habits.

Things like:

  1. Not treating sleep with the respect it deserves
  2. Watching TV or using electronic gadgets in bed
  3. Laying in at weekends
  4. Being careless with what you eat and drink near bedtime
  5. Burning the candle at both ends

And so on.

All of which can have a negative effect on the quantity and quality of your sleep.

But The Pledge helped to overcome and get rid of these bad habits relatively easily.

How come?

Well, it’s because declaring and sticking to The Pledge follows the tried and tested way of changing habits. A way I first discovered in Og Mandino’s book: The Greatest Salesman in the World.

Here it is in a nutshell:

“…only a habit can subdue another habit.”

Now as the FSF group discovered, not all habits are created equally.

Some habits give you a pretty narrow range of benefits.

But other habits, like The Pledge, release a Tsunami of benefits almost effortlessly.

In his book: The Power of Habit author Charles Duhigg calls these habits “keystone habits” and sleep is most certainly one of them.

For example:

By getting more and better sleep you wake feeling refreshed and energised.

This allows you to feel better about the day ahead.

Stronger, energised and more resourceful.

You find yourself making better decisions about what to eat.

You respond and react more thoughtfully to those around you.

This helps you to feel better about yourself and more capable to face the challenges of the day.

And so on.

Fantastic sleep is a powerful Keystone Habit you need to develop if you’re serious about living a happier, healthier and longer life.

Personally I’ve come to believe it’s the most important habit you can ever have.

And if you’d like help creating your own sleep habit and getting the tsunami of benefits that comes with it, I recommend you get hold of a copy of the 28-Day Sleep Solution.

It will be available for purchase on Monday.

And to show my appreciation for you being a ZEN+ Daily reader I’m going to give you a 50% discount.

But only for 48 hours.

Until then…

Bye for now


P.S. The 28-Day Sleep Solution program goes on sale Monday 23rd March.

And as a ZEN+ reader you’re going to get a 48-hour 50% discount of the retail price.

It’s my way of showing my appreciation for your interest in my work.

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